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Forum Rules

Okay, so here are the rules, which you may or may not be used to already, as they tend to follow most of the rules outlined in previous incarnations of this site.

Keep it Respectfully and Courteous at all times.

The posting of images of a pornographic nature is not allowed under any circumstances. Linking to websites that contain content of a pornographic nature is also expressly forbidden!

You may not post images that are of a graphically violent nature, such as someone who has been brutally beaten or killed.

Flaming is not allowed. With that being said, do not be overly sensitive, not everything you consider to be flaming will be considered flaming by the members of our staff.

Posting personal information, such as full legal names and addresses, is not allowed. If you want to exchange that information with another poster, then do it in PMs or via your own private e-mail. Anyone who posts the information of another Project Fanboy member without their consent whether directly here or linked from somewhere else, will be subject to banning. The length of the ban will be determined by site staff.

Advertising of personal websites is allowed in member user signatures. Advertisements in your signature should not detract from the website and must fall in to the signature guidelines. Blatant spamming of the forums with repeated posts of the same nature are prohibited. Please see the signature section for more signature details.


Spam is to be kept to a minimum and you are expected to stop when asked to by a mod or admin. Spam can also be considered as useless posts that do not contribute to the topic or conversation at hand. Project Fanboy does not allow links to illegal content either (ie. torrent sites).

Profanities (and language of that nature) are not outright banned from the site; however, in general we do not permit an excessive use of it. If you would prefer not to view profanities at all, please make sure your "Censorship Option" is enabled in your User Control Panel. If this is enabled and there is something that is not being censored and you think it should be, please email StephenJondrew.

Trolling and harassment of members on the forum will not be tolerated. We want all members to feel welcome so please do not harass or troll other members. If you have a concern with someone why not try to send them a private message to resolve it?

Posters are expected to post threads in the appropriate forum (ex: A thread about a movie would go in the Entertainment forum). We reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or copy posts and threads as we determine to be appropriate.

Username change requests may be made here. If you do not like your current name it is important you request a name change as we have a strict policy again duplicate accounts. A user found with a duplicate/alternate account will receive an automatic 3-day ban.

Signatures are to be under 100kb in size and images are to be no larger than 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall. We reserve the right to edit or delete signatures that do not comply with these standards. Project Fanboy is not a hub for spammers. If your signature is around for obvious SEO purposes (ie. you're new and you have a signature that looks like you're just trying to boost your google ranking) we may remove it. Summary: Generally if you're a legit user of the site and you have link to your site, you'll probably be fine.

Project Fanboy Staff will edit and/or post a message in the offensive thread issuing an official warning the violator.

After three (3) warnings the violator will be given a one (1) day ban.

If upon returning to the forums after the one (1) day ban is lifted, the previously banned member again violates the rules a ban will be given for three (3) days.

If upon returning to the forums after the three (3) day ban is lifted, the previously banned member again violates the rules a permanent ban will be given.

NOTE - Project Fanboy will not give more than one warning on certain cases (ie. harassment). Project Fanboy will evaluate each warning on a case-by-case basis.

"Delete my account" requests
If you no longer wish to post on this website, you may obviously choose to do that, however any requests to "close" or "delete" your account will not be granted. Deleting/closing account results in the loss of posts in threads which in turn creates confusion and renders older threads in which a member has participated in unreadable.

We further reserve the right to revise these rules at any time.

General Forum Usage

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