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  1. ScottWilliams
    Looks like you're going to be the only one at MegaCon this year. Pete isn't going and I'm going to be prepping for deployment. Can you get with Jay and see if we can't hook him up with one of our press passes? He requested one for InvestComics but never heard back from Christine.
  2. ScottWilliams
    Clearly it's a glitch in the system.
  3. ScottWilliams
    How do you have more profile visits than me??? HRRRMPH
  4. MaryMarvel
    This looks like a job for...
  5. ScottWilliams
    Who all are you planning on trying to interview? I've got a few questions for the Amanda Conner --> Jimmy Palmiotti --> Justin Gray triangle. Was planning on trying for more but I don't want to double tap anything you're planning on getting.
  6. ScottWilliams
    Thanks for the donation man! You're just trying to see how many cool little images you can get next to your user name, aren't you?
  7. MaryMarvel
    Hi! I got super excited when I got my Supergirl cape in the mail yesterday, so I put on a mockup of the costume I'm hoping will come together for MegaCon. The issue then becomes which to wear when! lol Check out my album for Supergirl!
  8. TomLupo
  9. ScottWilliams
    Why don't you have a mood? You seem like you could be "Yee Haw" like me.
  10. MikeWendler
    I sent Scott a list, which i thought he was forwarding to you. He green lighted Secret Six (next week) and Gotham Sirens, JSA all star was on it so that is fine, I probably won't have it to you today though. Tomorrow morning sometime. Books are late this week and that throws off my schedule. let me know if you need that list.

    I am assuming a word document will be workable for you.

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About SebastianPiccione
About me
I'm a writer. I'm here for the fun (this is a LOT of fun) and the networking. My first published work, an 8 page super heroine story, come out in October from Earthbound Comics.
Who I'd like to meet.
Anyone who likes comics, fantasy, sci-fi.
And in particular, maybe a few artists to help bring my scripts to life.

..and a willing publisher would always be nice.
Teacher, Writer
Here for
Networking, Entertainment, Friends, Comic Book News, Comic Book Interviews, Comic Book Reviews
Massapequa, Long Island
Favorite Comic Book Character
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Booster Gold
My pull list
Well...a lot.
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"Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

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