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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

  1. TomLupo
    sorry to be gone so long...i am fighting the emotional demons again. the last week i have felt better. i'm seeing a therapist and a head shrinker. i can't even begin to explain what i have endured the last year. thats why i keep most of it to myself. i have weened of my meds to try some new ones. but i feel comfortable enough to post here again. its not like face book where i can just be stupid...i try not to let certain things about the site, but if i feel off its better i leave for a while then to go off like the old days!
  2. Sliverbane
    I didn't forget. I'm touched you messaged me. Heh, I just wandered a way for a bit.
  3. riv1
    Conditions are fixing to get rough over there, take plenty of baby wipes!
    Look at the bright side though, i'm sure all the MWRs and such will be opening in Lybia soon...
  4. riv1
    Oh man, so sorry brother. I wish you the best. I'm almost in retirement mode which is scary enough, but, i hope you come back quick and well. When's the date and anything i can do to help?
  5. riv1
    Just haven't had the posting bug since the holidays. Went to afghanistan and came back and...haven't posted. Trying to jazz myself up to start up again, though. Thanks for noticing i was gone!
  6. StephenJondrew
    PS. Glad you like the footer. Just going to be taking a bit of time here and there to focus on cleaning up/tidying some areas of the site (nothing drastic, just some tweaks). =)
  7. StephenJondrew
    I decided that my lack of changing my bio pretty much summed up myself :P
  8. Rustyhook
    Thanks for the welcome I'm excited to explore this site more!
  9. Murmur
    I thought this thing was like a E Mail box and only had room for so many so i decided to clean out some that i didnt think were needed any longer.
  10. Murmur
    Get on AIM or go in the Live Chat room please.
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About ScottWilliams

Basic Information

About ScottWilliams
You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.
About me
I'm married, with two boys and a girl.

During the week I sometimes play Army, but I'd rather play hookie! Can someone find me a winning lotto ticket so I can make this dream come true? No? Hmmm....

Ok, guess I'm stuck doing things the old fashioned way.

I have lately become quite obsessed with the work of Robert Kirkman. Specifically in the titles, The Walking Dead and Invincible. At first I thought Invincible was going to be my new favorite comic book but then I started reading The Walking Dead and now I just can't decide.

I have to say that I do like what Geoff Johns is doing with the Green Lantern legacy and although I was hesitant about Flash rebirth, I have to say that as of the last installment I read had me intrigued by what he was doing there as well.

I'm also one of the hosts on the Project Fanboy comic book podcast, [i]The Fanboy Buzz[/i], which is definitely worth checking out! Just click on the little tab at the top of the page that says " Podcast".
Who I'd like to meet.
Anyone who's interested in talking comics! You can call in to the podcast I co-host, The Fanboy Buzz, at 239-244-BUZZ(2899). Feel free to call and leave a message on our voice mail line or call when you see the notification banner on the site to join the show live.

I'm always looking out for more indy titles for review by the Project Fanboy staff and conducting interviews with folks in the comic book industry. If you'd like your work reviewed on Project Fanboy or wouldn't mind sitting through some of our Fanboyish questions contact me at!

I'm also interested in meeting anyone who might be looking for a platform to impart their views on the comic book industry to the masses in the form of a column here on Project Fanboy.

And even further still, I'm looking for new staff members who might be interested in helping Project Fanboy expand it's genre coverage in to Gaming and Television & Film. We need folks who would like to write reviews of video games, and movies, as well as help publish news to the site about the latest in and greatest in Gaming and Television & Film. Interested? Email me at the above email address.
Cameron, NC
Computers & Comics
Here for
Networking, Entertainment, Friends, Comic Book News, Comic Book Interviews, Comic Book Reviews, Comic Book Columns
Colorado Springs
General Interests
Computers, web design, comics
Favorite Comic Book Character
Green Lantern
My pull list
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Invincible Iron Man
The Walking Dead
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