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Thread: Swearing in comics

  1. Rustyhook Guest

    Swearing in comics

    Ratings aside... what are everyone's opinions about swearing in comics? Personally I don't have a problem with it, but in my scripts I use substitutes like "&%$#@" a lot. The comics I grew up reading always used this substitute for swears. And there are others who would fill almost their entire books with curses. What I'm wondering is what everyone prefers in both reading and writing? When I write a script I always try to make it as accessible to as many readers as possible.

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    I think I prefer the special characters over the curse word in most instances. The only time when I might change my mind on that is if I have to stop and think about what they were trying to say, which ruins the flow of the dialogue a bit.

    For instance, if I see "What the %#@&???" then I can generally assume the character was surprised by something and said, "What the fuck/hell???"

    If I see, "Jason was running over to the $%&@ grocery store." then it's not quite as easy to figure out and can slow down the dialogue a bit for me.

  3. Jamesdlogan Guest

    I think it depends on the title, the character, and the story. Seeing one of the Avengers or X-men cussing once in awhile, I prefer to see the symbols. But, if it is a mature title with character like Punisher, who I would imagine would cuss more, or a mature Nick Fury title, then I'm okay with the actual words being used. I guess for me it is more about the audience and the maturity level of the comic.

  4. Rustyhook Guest

    Yes, the title and audience has a lot to do with it. With all that aside, I still prefer the character substitutes. It never really slowed down the flow in my opinion (probably because I have a wicked potty mouth and I get to let my imagination run wild!) I grew up with the whole PMRC crusade against rock lyrics and I refused to buy censored albums. I guess what I'm curious about is would you be turned off if a script was one way or another, depending on your views?

  5. TomLupo Guest

    i have lived with cursing my whole don't bother me at all. i think censoring is retarded in a forum for adults......comics are for adults. i can't watch a movie i like on cable if they cut out all the cursing...AND FUCK THE PMRC!!

  6. JeffHaas Guest

    i feel it is based on which audience you are writing for. Some characters just wouldn't say Heck or "Forget you". For older readers, I feel that the characters feel a bit condescending. An adult reader can handle strong language. Some comics that I have written for people, I used characters. My current work that I am publishing I am using the actual words until my publisher tells me different.

  7. TomLupo Guest

    just once i wanna read an archie comic and read archie say "suck my cock" to betty!

  8. Jamesdlogan Guest

    I would not be offended, but I really think it is mostly about the audience. I don't want to see a book aimed at my kids with cussing in it. But I don't mind cussing myself. Also, this is a bit off the main question, but I think it is important to keep the character in character. I had some problems when the Marvel Max line started and they did their Nick Fury mini series. Maybe it was because he had been one of my favorite characters, but I felt that they did alot in that mini series that was totally out of character, and they did it just to push the limits of the new Max line. I will be offended if I read Superman start cussing every other word, but it won't offend me to see the Punisher cussing.

  9. TomLupo Guest

    are you talkin' about the fury series that garth ennis wrote??
    the one with fuckface??

    i thought that was the best portrayal of fury i ever read.
    starting a war just for the hell of it was fun.

  10. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Yeah, that's the one. sorry...I couldn't stand that version of Fury. I felt they were just trying to see how far Marvel would actually let them go with the Max line. Sure Fury is a soldier, and his whole life is about fighting the good fight...but I felt they just made him to be a total ass in that series.

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