Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight and of course... me.

So what's the deal with Batman: The Dark Knight? Was it a good movie? Yes. Was it as great as everyone seems to think it was. No, not in my opinion. Don't get me wrong it was a good movie but I think Iron Man and possibly even the Hulk movie beat Batman: The Dark Knight in the entertaining Steven Sykora department.

So let's examine what happened. A few months before the movie's release Heath Ledger apparently dies of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. The show must go on! Luckily for Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, Ledger was no longer needed for the movie as all the shooting was complete.

So now with the buzz of Ledger's death still in the air just six months later and relatively fresh in everyone's minds, everybody from comic book fans to six year old kids and their great aunt petunia head out to see the last work of Heath Ledger.

No one likes to speak ill of the dead, and since Ledger pulled off a good Joker, why not claim it was phenomenal and give him a real send off? At least that's what people seem to be thinking. Yes, he Ledger was a good Joker, there's no doubt about that, but did he upstage Jack Nicholson? Yes and no. Jack was never supposed to play such a dark version of the Joker. The previous Keaton, Clooney, Kilmer Batman movies were the more lighter versions of Batman and company. It was obvious that Ledger put a lot of time and effort into his role, and the mannerisms he used for the role certainly helped bring about his darker version of the Joker but I think the fact that this movie is shrouded by the shadow of his death is the real reason it did so well and I think it gave the movie the catapult to the amazing to $314 Million in ten days.