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Thread: best mic skills

  1. TomLupo Guest

    best mic skills

    just mic skills....not rasslin'...... here some examples of a few favorites

    MACHO MAN--he was better then just about all of the wwf's stars in the late 80's.

    THE ROCK--everyone admits him bein' on raw was the best thing to happen in a fuckin' while.

    GOLDUST--poor dustin has cracked me up for years with his either gay persona or partner with booker t

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    People I enjoy listening to

    Ever -

    Austin (Save the "What" era)

    Close -

    Double A
    Dusty Rhodes
    HHH (Sometimes Other times he could go on for too long)
    Roddy Piper
    Monty Brown
    E & C (As a team)
    DDP (I have a weakness for him)

    Potentially -

    James Storm
    Alex Shelley
    Alberto Del Rio

    Managers & Announcers -

    Bobby Heenan
    Lou Albano
    Jessie Ventura
    Freddie Blassie
    Lord Alfred Hayes
    Jim Cornette

    Women -

    Trish Stratus
    Angelina Love

    I like quite a bit of material from Flair and Foley too. Though Ric's recent stuff isn't there too often and Foley isn't always to my taste.
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  3. TomLupo Guest

    great choices
    i forgot demolition

  4. Slither Guest


    The Rock

    And much as I hate the members, the original DX of HBK and HHH.

  5. Flyattractor Guest

    Kurt Angle was pretty good back in the WWE days when he was FUNNY Heel.

    And Kane can actually be pretty good too if they let him pull the stick out of his ass.

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