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Thread: Most uncomfortable moments in wrestling.

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    Nov 2010
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    Most uncomfortable moments in wrestling.

    Over the Edge with Owen Hart is a no-brainer, but I'm focusing on more along storylines.

    I think mine happened during the Finlay vs JBL feud.

    Finlay is out on RAW talking about his son Hornswoggle being in a hospital because of JBL destroying him and then the Titan Tron shows up and it's JBL with Hornswoggle in his hospital bed.

    JBL talks and then talks about how helpless Finlay is. He then turns out the lights and everything is pitchblack as we can hear JBL assaulting Hornswoggle while he cries and screams.

    The last shot is Finlay as he has a look of total helplessness as this is going on.

    For the record, at the time, the midget annoyed the hell out of me and I wanted to see someone just blast him. But damn! That was mess up.

  2. TomLupo Guest

    mae young giving birth to a hand.

  3. Slither Guest

    The angle where Vince "played" the abusive, sexist boss and made Trish Stratus do all sorts of degrading things.

    We all know her push would have been done had she refused, so I saw it as art immitating reality.

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    Thank heavens her push wasn't cut off too. Without Trish, the Divas Division wouldn't have been nearly the same in what turned out to be it's heyday.

  5. ShutOffTheSun Guest

    Booker T calling Hogan the N-word has to be up there

  6. Murmur Guest

    Katie Vick storyline

    Dr Hiney Skit

  7. Flyattractor Guest

    The bit where Vince was gonna make someone kiss his ass. Literally.
    I recall many shows of him waldling around the ring with his trousers at half mast.

  8. TomLupo Guest

    xanta clause

  9. Flyattractor Guest

    Kane getting demasked,and learning that he wasn't really burned,but just had a bad mascara job.

  10. Murmur Guest

    The idea behind that Fly was that the damage that Kane got in the fire werent physical but emotional and mental(to a degree)and he was unable to recognize that.

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