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Thread: Most uncomfortable moments in wrestling.

  1. Flyattractor Guest

    Either way it was crap and hard to watch.

  2. Slither Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by Flyattractor View Post
    The bit where Vince was gonna make someone kiss his ass. Literally.
    I recall many shows of him waldling around the ring with his trousers at half mast.
    Yeah, how'd you like to have been some poor wrestler in Vince's bad books when that storyline was happening?

    IMO, this and the Trish storyline I mentioned made me uncomfortable because Vince could "PRETEND" to be this kind of boss and sell it as "just a storyline".

    And any employee not willing to go along.... you just had to know any chance at a push was GONE.

  3. Flyattractor Guest

    Or after that where Vince got his head shoved up Big Show's butt.

    I wonder how that was for BS?

  4. Slither Guest


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    I don't really mind the Trish thing since he did get his comeuppance at WrestleMania against Shane.

    I think alot of religious elements that get involved in wrestling are uncomfortable. Like with Sandman getting cruixified and McMahon proclaiming he's better than god and "defeating" him in a match.

  6. Slither Guest

    The comeuppance was fine.... but, the obvious situation Trish was in made the angle up to that point quite uncomfortable for me.

    It's like saying, "Yeah, the boss forced her to suck his dick for 5 years, but he eventually got fired."

  7. riv1 Guest

    Definately Katy Vick.

  8. Gootzer Guest

    Hands down, Katie Vick.

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