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Thread: The Standard - A Comic Written By ME!

  1. JohnLees Guest

    The Standard - A Comic Written By ME!

    Hey folks!

    Over the past couple of years, I've been developing my first comic book: The Standard. It is a 6-issue miniseries, each issue being 28 pages long, and in color. The first issue is due for release April 28th.

    The Standard a story spanning across two generations. One narrative is set in the past, in a colorful, cheery, Silver Age styled past, where superhero The Standard and his sidekick Fabu-Lad battle nefarious supervillains and giant robots. The other narrative is set in a darker present. The original Standard has retired, and the former Fabu-Lad has inherited the mantle. However, this new Standard decided to publicly unmask, revealing to the world his alter ego, Alex Thomas. Now, The Standard has sponsorship deals, a merchandising empire, and is a reality TV star, making him less a crimefighter than a celebrity. But secretly, Alex is tormented by what he's done to the Standard legacy. He has grown obsessed with the case of a missing girl that nobody else seems to be interested in. Can he remember what it means to truly be a hero? Or does fate have other plans in mind for The Standard?

    I thought I'd create a thread where I could talk about the development process behind the comic, and share updates on the project. To begin, I'd like to announce that, the official blog for the comic, has now launched:

    I'd really appreciate it if you guys would check it out. I'll be updating the site daily on Monday-Friday, so there should be plenty of new content to look at. I hope I can capture your interest enough to make you want to find out more, and perhaps get the comic once it goes on sale!

  2. JohnLees Guest

    In today's blog post, we learn how the arrival of a superhero in 1960s America altered the history of the 20th Century:

  3. JohnLees Guest

    Today we look at the first ever newspaper article written about The Standard, way back in November 1966:

  4. JohnLees Guest

    In today's blog, we learn about when The Standard first revealed himself to the world.

  5. JohnLees Guest

    In today's blog, find out when, where and how you can buy the first issue of The Standard:

  6. JohnLees Guest

    Did you know The Standard had his own radio show and cartoon in the 1960s?

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    I'm really enjoying this so far. Good work.

  8. JohnLees Guest

    Thanks, Stephen! We've got some great stuff coming up this week, so keep on following the blog!

  9. JohnLees Guest

    In today's blog, we take a look at the generation of superheroes The Standard inspired:

  10. JohnLees Guest

    From The Skunk to The Flaming Bra - let's look at some classic supervillains!

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