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Thread: Week 4- The Kirkman Break

  1. rhannah Guest

    I acknowledge all of that, particularly that it is a multi-pronged problem, but I think at least 50% or more of the blame lies on the comic industry not the readers. Comics have not evolved as a physical medium. The writing sure has, but the medium has remained static and only gotten more expensive. There is an unwillingness to fully embrace and push/promote a serious "all ages" venture, and that is because it requires more than just an kid / all ages imprint that sits shoved off to the corner in all comic book stores. So much needs to change, but the mentality or 'goodwill' needs to be there too. I think that is the one good thing about Kirkman's message. He acknowledges the problem and wants the best for the industry... new blood... kids.

    And why wouldn't a variation of manga be a plausible option? Black and white digests, tied to multiple licenses like toys and card games, and made available through all sorts of venues like Toys R Us, video games etc so that the comic medium gets the bump. Anyway, high concept crap. Nevermind. ;-)

  2. Cary Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by rhannah View Post
    Just bought your first issue of Fallen Justice from IndyPlanet, Cary. The synopsis alone sold me right away. Presuming it takes the usual month of wait time before my copy arrives from IndyPlanet, I guess I'll have to find something else to distract me from anxiously waiting to read it. When will #2 be available?
    hey thanks! we totally appreciate that! Issue #2 should go live on Indyplanet in the next few days or so i'm thinking. they've gotten a bit backed up due to the summer push for books before the SDCC. happens every year.

    now of course, if you want issue #2, you can always order off our website over at we have issues in stock in our massive warehouse and would be more than happy to ship you one.

    also, we'd love to hear what you think when you're done with either book, so please feel free to use the address in the back of the books and let us know! we enjoy all manner of response, good, bad, or indifferent, so let fly! we're always hunting for letters to print in the future issues!

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