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Thread: Should Triple H vs. Undertaker be the main event at WrestleMania?

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    Should Triple H vs. Undertaker be the main event at WrestleMania?

    I'm going no. Look, I get it it's the streak and all that. But honestly...I don't put Triple H up there with HBK when I hear a match with him in it.

    And the booking has been so unbelievably lazy.

    1. Undertaker makes return. Triple H interupts. Stare at WM banner. Match set. No talking at all.
    2. Undertaker does promo on RAW
    3. Triple H does promo on Smackdown.
    4. Triple H destroys Sheamus
    5. UT...doesn't show up on Smackdown.
    6. In between Shawn talks about both.
    7. Triple H buries Ted DiBiase (I'm beginning to feel sorry for the guy at this point)
    8. Various people talk about both.
    9. UT does promo

    I mean, honestly. That's so lazy. I mean, how can it be the main event when Cole vs. Lawler looks more like the main event at WM?


    Oh dear lord, Cole vs Lawler seems more like booking to the main event at WrestleMania...

  2. arishem Guest

    it shouldn't

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    I agree, it shouldn't.

    Like it or not, Cena is the #1 guy in the company. His match is for a major title. Added to this is someone who is bigger than either Mark or Trips (The Rock) being involved in the same match.

    Cena vs Miz is the obvious should be 'Mania Main Event.

  4. Thorne Guest

    I don't think I'm going to get WM this year, most of the matches look dumb and I hate Cole so much every time I see him I want to smash him in the face with a brick several million times, no way is this one going to be good.

  5. Slither Guest

    Triple H and Taker already had a WM match and it put me to sleep.

    Thing is, Taker fans love this streak but I see it as a given jobbing match for each WM. They should have a young guy break it.

    If Hunter does it it's just another abuse of his power to try an put himself among the Greats, like when Flair had to job to him.

    Both these guys annoy and bore me. And if THIS is thd main event, that's sad

  6. Flyattractor Guest

    I agree with Thorne.
    For the most part. The events listed no matter what order they maybe in only manage to = WRESTLE-MEH-NIA!
    Only saver could be some kick ass sillyness that goes on in between the matches .

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    I honestly don't think the majority of the matches are bad...but most of them don't feel like a major feud or match that belongs at WM.

    Honestly, since Del Rio won the Royal Rumble, and earned the right to main event dammit, I think Edge vs Del Rio should be the main event.

  8. arishem Guest

    del rio is a great heel

  9. Flyattractor Guest

    Del Rio sucks.
    He is a broken record that can't do a promo,and has only modest skill in the ring.

    He is only there to get the *censored cause this place is a fam site and is thus full of wussies* rating.
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