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Thread: Week 8- Script Parts

  1. Dingo Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by venusianfurs View Post
    Is this still open for entries? I've got a three-page opening I'm working on, and you could say I'm right at the start of my two-five year learning curve, so I'd be grateful for any help you could give.
    You might be better served looking at Steven Forbes' other column, The Proving Grounds.

  2. StevenForbes Guest

    Yup. What he said.

    Head over to The Proving Grounds, read the sticky, and send it on!

  3. brianaugostino Guest

    The third is the voice-over, like in a movie. There is a person talking who's in a different location. These will be delineated by quotation marks.
    Can someone help me clarify this a little?
    I want to use a voice-over.
    The voice-over belongs to a character named Edward.
    How would I indicate this in the script?
    What is the proper/best way to write this?
    CAP (Edward): "voice-over....voice-over.....voice-over"
    I realize the quotation marks are necessary.
    What about the CAP (Edward) part?

  4. StevenForbes Guest

    It's perfect.

    Just make sure that when you get to the next page, the dialogue is clear to let the reader know that Edward was speaking in the previous caption. Either Eddy's continuing to speak, or someone is responding to him in such a way as to make it clear that Eddy spoke first.

    Does that help?

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