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Thread: WrestleMania XXVII predictions

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    WrestleMania XXVII predictions

    Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole. Okay, if anyone is picking Cole, you are an idiot. I mean, this pretty much is the ultimate jerk getting his comeuppance. Me and my friends are making more predictions. Stuff like piledrivers, fists off the top, run ins, and the such.

    And if you're wondering.

    I'm at four piledrivers, I say Eve, R-Truth, and JR come out to get some kicks in on Cole. I'm thinking three stunners from Austin and two fists off the rope, no Swagger face turn.

    Cole gave McMahon bad press at WM time so tonight and the next few months will be his own hell created for him.

    Kane, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Santino vs. The Corre. Someone send Orton to Smackdown to clear out more NXT deadweight, please. I’m kind of torn, at first I thought that The Corre would win so the WWE could pretend that they’re a threat (along with wasting belts on them) but now we have Kofi in it and the office is high on Santino for all of his work. Plus Big Show is mega over.

    Hell, logical thing is for Corre to win, but I base my picks on finding the match that makes the most sense…and picking the opposite (Hey, I’ve been doing that and killing it

    US Title match. Sheamus © vs. Daniel Bryan. This should be a very good match and could have MOTN chances if given enough time. Daniel Bryan had the US belt for a good while, did the most with his chance…so I think it’s time the WWE just put him back in his place. I know Sheamus has been dominating and all, but…when I’m conflicted, I find it best to go with the bigger wrestler in the WWE.

    John Morrison, Trish Stratus, Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler and LayCool. Yeah, they worked the UT’s bitch and her BFF in the show. This was originally supposed to be Kelly by the storyline…but then McMahon watched TNA and wanted his own orange fist pumping moron. And he got the best. Morrison and Trish…and that creature win because, in wrestling, a celebrity can dominate any wrestler.

    …Wait. I mean in entertainment a celebrity can defeat a superstar. My bad.

    “Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio. Man, I hope this match is given time and is the opener because they will rock the joint. Rhodes has taken his silly gimmick and put a dark twist on it and has been great in the ring, so much so that Rey picked him as his opponent. I think Rey wins here and Cody gets his revenge the next PPV. Mainly basing this on because this seems like the logical choice to be the opener tome.

    Oh, and this is another thing me and my friends are betting on.

    I say Rey comes out as Deadpool. A long shot, but I have more balls than

    CM Punk vs. Randy Orton. Pretty cool storyline where, two years prior, face Punk was screwed out of his title by heel Orton and now heel Punk wants revenge of face Orton. I can’t really hate a feud where most of the garbage wrestlers in the WWE are punted back to FCW. I say Punk wins this one, but Orton gets revenge after the match.

    Sin Cara, Awesome Kong, and Percy Watson are coming. Life is good.

    No Hold Bars Match: UT vs. Triple H. Okay, think of the match they had ten years ago…now imagine them being ten years older and not in the ring for a good long period each. I think it’ll be good, and no holds barred helps them out, but I don’t think it’ll be great.

    WWE Heavyweight title match: Edge (champ) vs. Alberto Del Rio. Edge will have Christian with him and Alberto will have Brodus Clay. This match has the potential to be so awesome. It definitely has the better wrestlers involved in all the main events. I’d like this to be the main event at WrestleMania (especially since the RR is supposed to give the winner a title shot in the main event) but it won’t be. I swear, for a long time I was picking Alberto, but lately I’ve been thinking that over…I’ll stay with Alberto, but I reserve right to change if this match is last.

    WWE Championship: The Miz (champ) vs. Cena. Screw this, I wanna see the Rock. But seriously, this should be a good to great match, but Shawn Michaels had a hard time of it trying to drag Cena to a great WM…and I love the Miz, but his wrestling skills would have to be on the level of his mic work times two to pull that out. I wish The Miz would win, but I think---Look, Cena’s a Juggernaut. I mean, at least with Hogan, he’d sell a beating nicely, hulk up, whoop you, unless you can survive he hulk up and then you can beat him. Cena doesn’t sell anything, forgets that he’s selling an injury…
    Miz, you are awesome, but Cena wins because this will probably be the last match of the night.

  2. Thorne Guest

    A whole lot of wrong in there.

  3. Thorne Guest

    I was thinking about WM27 and the Hall of Fame induction of Drew Carey...

    So he gets to go in the HoF - this despite only showing up for one match, and in the course of that match never touches a man, never does a move, says nothing, and quickly hauls *** back to the locker room when confronted by Kane. (Smart by the way)

    Now fast forward to this year and Snooki enters the squared circle, manages to actually pull off some moves, pins her opponent winning the match... and this is her second match btw.

    This sets a horrible apocalyptic precedence that will see Snooki inducted in the WWE HoF someday.

    Thus ending life as we know it forever.

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    Hey, WM predictions depend on match order.

    And I think it'll be awhile. I mean, LT isn't even in it.

  5. Thorne Guest

    predictions depend on good guessing, no excuses

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