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    Hey, gang, and welcome to SEB-standard.

    I hope to use this little soapbox to pontificate on all things comic book. If you read that and thought, "So, Seb wanted a column, but didn't really figure out what he's going to focus on," well, you are absolutely right! Part of this column will be my journey towards finding a niche for this column.

    Sounds exciting, dunnit?

    I think, in starting out, I will try to foucs on my slow-and-steady attempts to eek my way into the comic industry. In fact, that's how I got involved with PFB in the first place. In June I answered an ad on DIGITAL WEBBING for a reviewer/interviewer for some site I'd never heard of, called projectfanboy. They claimed no experience necessary, and made no mention of required skills. Naturally I was a shoe-in!

    Now, here it is, October. Since that June day, I've made several new friends, read a BUNCH of free comics, made various connections here and there, got bumped to SITE ADMINISTRATOR, and had an hour plus phone conversation with DAN JURGENS about all things BOOSTER GOLD!! How great is that!!??

    This time last year I was a guy who failed to keep up his LIVE JOURNAL, now I'm a fequent poster, my comic reviews have been quoted and linked by several companies, and I've emailed, IMed, and/or spoken to the likes of Dan Jurgens, Todd Nauck, Mike Oeming, Erik Larsen, and, Darick Robertson!

    And I've made some personal growth. I'm usually a strictly Super heroes kind of comic reader. But, through the wonders of review assignments, I've become a big CTHULU fan, I enjoy drama comics, like STATION and CHALLENGER DEEP. Heck, one of my favorite books this past year was RADICAL COMICS' "CALIBER" a western reimagining of KING ARTHUR.

    So, from here on out, as I wander in and out of the world of comics, I'll be popping in here, and sharing the experiences with you guys. I don't know how regularly that will be. I can't promise every Tuesday, like Forby does with his FREAKIN' FANTASTIC writing tutorial column, BOLTS AND NUTS, which if you're not reading, you SHOULD be! I can promise this. Whenever I feel like I have something worth sharing, I'll post it here. I can also promise that I love to, so, it should be fairly regularly. Maybe you'll relate. Maybe you'll be inspired. At the very least, you'll learn what NOT to do. Whatever the case, it beats sitting around, googling your own name.
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    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

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  2. StevenForbes Guest

    Yeah, there was a time when I couldn't google my own name. My wife did it, and was amazed to find I'm almost all over the place! Surprise, surprise.

    So, you've got a column. Update it every Wednesday! C'mon! You can do it! Find something you want to focus on, and then write ahead. Right now, I'm about a month ahead on Bolts & Nuts, and I want to write another two installments tomorrow. It keeps ya busy!

    And I'm jealous. When you make it, just remember us little people, okay?

    I guess the first question to ask is, what is the SEB-standard? Answering that will give you a focus, even if it's scattershot, and you can take off from there.

    Anyway, I'm interested in seeing what this will become.

    And thanks for the plug!

    Now re-send me that script, dagnabbit! I need something to tear to shreds and turn you into a whimpering mass of jelly, I mean, something to go over with you as you work on it. Yeah. Yeah, that's it.


  3. DavidPaul Guest

    Well now this is gonna be fun!

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    Ok, Mr. Forbes, I'll try to go weekly. No promises out of the gate, but I'll try.

    You did just give me next week's topic. I'll explain the "SEB-standard". It's less exciting then you think.

    David, Which did you mean will be fun? My random ramblings in the column, or Forby's desire to to use my script to destroy my soul through comments on my script?

    I'm thinking both should be good for a few giggles.
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    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  5. DavidPaul Guest

    Any way it goes I'll enjoy the giggling.
    Hey, the two best sounds in the world are the giggling of a woman and the passionate moaning of a woman. You wouldn't happen to be a woman?

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