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Thread: WWE Tough Enough

  1. Thorne Guest

    WWE Tough Enough

    I decided to watch this because Stone Cold is going Simon Cowell on some wannabes. Some of the challenges look so easy (I'm sure in front of the camera and you're nervous it isn't so easy) but I could probably do some of this stuff.

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    Okay, big things this episode.

    Martin, the guy looking to win it all, fractured his leg and is out. Christina and AJ botched...whatever that was supposed to be and looks like she's out.

    So here's what we got.

    AJ: No way he's winning. He's been on cruise control the entire season and he just got someone hurt. I wouldn't be surprised if they just didn't get rid of him next episode early.

    Jeremiah: Green and his MMA style is coming up.

    Andy: He's improving and he has the look the WWE likes.

    Luke: He's an absolute douchebag, but he's the likely winner right now unless Andy steps his game up.

  3. Flyattractor Guest

    What I really want to know is how "real" is this reality show?

  4. altoon Guest

    Agree with PTF Luke is more than likely gonna win unless he gets hurt or something.

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    That or or he goes back to being super selfish and arrogant and cost himself like he did a few weeks ago. Andy could still win it as he's driven and just has the size and look.

  6. ShutOffTheSun Guest

    Skid-mark got cut before Eric or AJ!?!?! this show's tenuous credibility hangs by a thread >

  7. Thorne Guest

    Big Andy gets the win... good job son I predict you're gonna be a star someday, just

    Edge retires so they get an Edge-lookalike from Tough Enough and with the official approval of SCSA... classic.


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