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Thread: TNA Lockdown predictions

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    TNA Lockdown predictions

    Well, WM could have went better, but I never thought a world title match would be the opener.

    Of course, now I'm trying to predict where logic doesn not exist.

    Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez. Um, since Super Mex has a new lame stable, I'll give the win to him.

    The Pope vs. Samoa Joe. Joe videotaped The Pope being corrupt and the feud has been going for awhile with the Pope coming out on top. Joe wins to end this feud.

    Ink Inc vs Crimson & Scott Steiner vs Orlando Jordan and Eric Young vs. The British Invasion. Ink Inc is on the verge of breaking up, Crimson needs to have whatever shot he had at a good push being ruined by being involved in a program with Abyss, and Jordan and Young are a comedy team. So I say Williams and Magnus win. And did Super Mex dropping Williams on his head turn him back to a prick.

    X Division Xscape Match: The Bucks, Suicide, Kendrick, Sabin, Lethal, Amazing Red, and Robbie E. Wow. Remember when Lethal was winning big matches, titles...and then he's gone for no reason? Suicide should win because he is awesome, but TNA doesn't have my vision. I'm saying it'll be Max Buck to continue brothers feud.

    Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle: PLEASE WIN KURT PLEASE! END THIS STUPID BOOKING! Um, Kurt.

    Fortune vs Immortal. Immortal is Ric Flair, Matt Hardy, Bully Ray, and...Abyss. Yuck. Daniels is filling in for AJ. Fortune should win...but I believe in horrible booking so Immortal wins.

    Knockout title vs hair: Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne. WTF is it with TNA when Madison Rayne is the best booked person on the roster? And she's horrible. Mickie wins when Tara turns on her.

    Title match: Sting vs RVD vs Mr. Anderson. Okay, RVD is unmotivated, Sting can't move in the ring anymore, and Anderson annoys the hell out of me near Cole levels. I think this match will be used to take the belt off Sting since...well, he's not what he was. I say Mr. Kennedy bby swerve or to feud with Immortal. Hedge my bets a bit.

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    I can't begin to express just how much I don't care for TNA, it's like a super low rent WCW Thunder

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    Samoa Joe - Pope will be pretty much finished as a top guy after this. If he isn't already.

    The British Invasion, though Crimson & Steiner wouldnt surprise me.

    I'll say Sabin, just because he's probably my favorite of that group. I wouldn't doubt one of the Bucks wins but few care unless Tara is jumping around with them.

    Angle wins

    Fortune should. Immortal probably will.

    Mickie, no way does she get shaved.

    RVD because him winning makes no sense. He sleepwalks through his promos and his matches aren't even that exciting anymore.

    Stale looking PPV in general.


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