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Thread: The WWE Draft

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    Nov 2010
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    The WWE Draft

    Draft is tonight so who stays and who switches brand?

    Smackdown gets:

    Randy Orton: Smackdown needs a new babyface and Orton takes away fans from Cena...yeah, I don't get the logic in that either, but that's how McMahon thinks

    Evan Bourne: Maybe the poor little guy has a chance to shine on another brand.

    Sheamus: He's done everything he's needed to do on RAW. A change is in order

    Morrison: Probably just out of spite.

    Raw gets:

    Drew McIntyre: He just needs to move on.

    Cody Rhodes: When Smackdown gets a hot act, it goes to RAW to die. Sorry Cody

    Alberto Del Rio: C'mon, I don't care if Edge retired, RAW is going to gut Smackdown like it always for when ECW was a around to be gutted

    Ezekiel: The Corre sucks, its breaking up, and Big Zeke was doing just fine before going to Smackdown and joining the Corre because...


    I don't really know. Maybe the dumn useless RAW GM didn't sign a contract extension?

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    Okay, Smackdown is destroying in the draft.


    John Cena

    Randy Orton

    Mark Henry

    Sin Cara


    Alberto Del Rio

    Rey Mysterio

    The Big Show

    And it's been a really good night if you ignore all things involving Michael for JR busting him up.

  3. arishem Guest

    john back to raw

    mark henry heel turn

    one of the strong rumors was taker to raw, but he's not physically able to wrestle alot

  4. altoon Guest

    Taker shows up about 3 to 4 months out of the year and will only actually wrestle about 3 matches so it really doesn't matter were they put him.

  5. arishem Guest


  6. riv1 Guest

    I think i'm the only one not impressed with Sin Cara...

  7. TomLupo Guest

    it was a decent draft...sin cara impresses me every week.

  8. arishem Guest

    he's a talent

  9. TomLupo Guest

    i'd really like to see him kick the **** out of mysterio!

  10. riv1 Guest

    I'm of a mind he's gonna botch a move and hurt himself or his opponent in the future.

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