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Thread: SEB-standard: Week 3 - TRICK-OR-TREAT

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    SEB-standard: Week 3 - TRICK-OR-TREAT

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho There,

    I think this week's installment is gonna be brief. You don't like it? Talk to my 102 degree fever. You still don't like it?
    Tough. it's my column!

    Anyway, Halloween is 2 days away. However, last weekend, The wife and I talk my daughter to BOO AT THE ZOO. Boo at the zoo is this thing the BREVARD ZOO does around Halloween each year. They get the local businesses to set up tables around the zoo, and let kids trick or treat while touring the zoo at night. They do a haunted house, costume contest, the whole nine yards.

    anyway, the wife found an adorable pirate costume for my 2 year old, a Jack Sparrow knock off for me, and a rather yummy wench outfit for herself.

    Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A pirate WIFE for me!

    Anyway, at this point you're thinking, well gee, that sounds swell, Seb, but what the HELL does this have to do with comics?

    And I'm thinking, Who the hell says "swell"? What are you, Wally Cleaver?

    Anyway, the point is Kids and comics. This year I saw several Supergirls, a few Hulks, a legion of Iron Men, a loaded deck of Jokers, a swarm of Batmen, an only slightly smaller swarm of Batgirls, scuttling Spider-men, traditional and black suited, and a wee baby Kal-El.

    I would have taken pictures, but since PFB doesn't have an official press kit, I didn't feel like explaining myself all night.
    I DID snap THIS one of my daughter and two volunteers. A rather convincing Spidey and a rather....interesting Robin.
    Dogwelder, my KID is in this pic, so THINK CAREFULLY before you post whatever you're thinking.

    Why does this rate a write up? Well, think about it. In order for the comics market to thrive, it needs a future. In order to have a future, it needs new readers. in order to have new readers, people who don't CURRENTLY read comics need to be made aware of them.

    They are. It's working. between the movies, the cartoons, the merchandising, kids are once again aware of superheroes. No you can stick your nose up at Superheroes in general or Marvel and DC in particular if you want, but let's face it. CEREBUS, AMERICAN SPLENDOR, and STRANGERS I PARADISE are very rarely anyone's intro to comics.

    I started out a spidey fan from cartoons, discovered his comics, crossed over with the MU, eventually met DC through Jurgens, Giffen, Dematteis, & Maguire, stumbled into Cerbus, Ex-Mutants, Malibu, Valiant, Terry Moore, Manga, a whole slew of cranky brits, and all the other good things comics have to offer.

    But it was Spidey that got me started.

    We as "Fanboys" or worse, "Comic Snobs" bitch online about the depiction of Comic Characters in other media, but we forget, we're not the world. To a kid who has never read a comic SPIDERMAN 3 is a great film. To a kid today, Brandon Routh IS Superman. Think of how enjoyable the X trilogy must be to someone not mired down in the past 30 years of over-plotting, cross-overs, and continuity from the now 20+ X titles.

    I saw the future of comics at the zoo. They were giggling. They were happy. They were superheroes.

    Trick or Treat, everybody.
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    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

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    man, youre pretty brave posting pictures of your wife AND kid on a comic book site.............

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    Actually, I was counting on the weirdly shiney Robin chick and the monkey to do a lot of distracting.
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

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