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Thread: SEB-standard: Week 4 - Spidey & I

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    SEB-standard: Week 4 - Spidey & I


    The character that got me into comics.

    Quite possibly my favorite character in all of comicdom.

    And yet, here I sit, barely able to make it through an issue without tossing it aside in disgust. What happened?

    Ok, let me start by saying, this is NOT an anti-Marvel column, nor is it a Joe Quesada bash. I have no idea what it takes to run a company like Marvel, so who am I to judge the man's work.

    So, you may ask, why the hell am I writing this?

    Go ahead, ask.

    You: "Seb, why the hell are you writing this?"

    Me: "Ah, I'm glad you asked...."

    DO I have a problem with the writer's of the current Spider-man titles? No. In fact, NEW WAYS TO DIE was actually pretty good. It would have been great, if it weren't for the current "status quo".

    Do I have anything against "single Peter." No, but I've read Single Peter for a Looong time, and was glad to see him move on.
    Let me clarify, my Amazing Spider-man collection is complete except for issue #2. I collected them with my dad. I've bought every issue of Peter Parker, Web, Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood, etc., etc.

    So, I was thinking after reading the incredibley disappointing ASM Annual, about why I feel Brand New Day is a failed experiment.

    1- Execution. You don't just have the Devil "fix" your beef with 20 years of continuity.

    2- Civil War. AS much as I was against the idea, some of the best stories in YEARS came out of Peter's revealing of his secret identity.

    3- Character Growth. Whenever a character changes they shove the importance of growth down our throats. here, they took 20 years of growth, and instead of finding an organic, in-story way of changing things, they magicked it all away.

    4- lack of original supporting cast. One of the big reasons sighted for this change, was the need to restablish Spidey's supporting cast. Since the relaunch, MJ was hoing it up, then left. Aunt May has gone back to her cardboard 80's persona, JJJ has been removed from the Bugle and, lately, the book, Flash lost his legs (in one of the better stories, mind you, but still), and they've been replaced with cliche cast members like the cop roommate.

    We were just recently told in an interview with Newsarama, that they wanted to take spidey in a new direcion and get away from the images of Spidey lifting the machinery...which has since been referenced (directly and otherwise) in several issues.

    We were told that spidey was harder to identify with married to a model.
    I think if we can identify with a kid who gets amazing powers from a radioactive spider bite, we can handle the super-model. Besides, every dorks dream is the hot chick who loves us despite our nerdiness. This doesn't make him hard to relate to, this just adds to the hero-worship.

    If you don't like the changes why don't you drop the book?

    I HATE that question.

    However, that question is what prompted me to write this article.
    Why don't I drop the title?
    I'm not reading it for Quesada. I'm not reading it for Slott, Waid, Romita (either of 'em), Bacchalo, McKone, or anybody else.
    Sure, that list includes a lot of my favorite creators, and I will pick up a LOT of books just for them.

    But this is Spidey.

    My first, my fave, my 'friendly neighborhood' Spidey.

    What seems to be forgotten, when sales numbers are thrown around as evidence that the new stories are well recieved is this: Spider-man is one of the MOST recognizable characters in American literature. Yes, comics are literature! I'm a fan of the character. I read the book for the character.
    Spidey brings me back, not the creators. Sure, they can sway me on newer stuff, or unfamiliar stuff, but Spidey is Spidey. There is no one creator worth my giving up a book i've been reading since the 70s and that I have every issue (except #2) on.
    Spider-man has been around long before the current "status quo" and he'll be around long after. Hell, his return to pre BND status quo will probably be another giant event, but whatever.

    I'm here for the character.

    You don't turn your back on a friend when he hits the lows of his life. You stand by and offer support until he's back on his feet.

    I have no beef with the creators. I have no problem with Quesada. I'd be thrilled to work for Marvel, and would be a good little team player. But that's the writing end, on the reading end, I'm here for the Spider.

    With great power comes great responsibility, producing the adventures of a 45 year old character is both.

    'zall I'm sayin'...or, to put it another way...

    'Nuff said!!
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