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Thread: Smackdown is wicked boring

  1. Thorne Guest

    Smackdown is wicked boring

    Every match I don't care about

    The same thing happens every week

    Cole is supervillain level annoying

    c'mon WWE, shake it up, break some stuff ...DO SOMETHING!!

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    That's the WWE's problem: They don't take any risks.

    Christian wins the world title, he is getting mega pops...but he loses to Orton in five days (two in real time). And you know, even though Christian is massive over and it makes no sense, he'll probably turn heel soon.

    The Miz had a nice run...but did he ever win one match clean to make me believe he was nothing more than a higher pushed Honky Tonk Man? No. Heck, he lost to an over fifty announcer and Lawler pushed him in their title match (Seriously, enough with the Lawler matches, WWE!)

    So now we're back to the classic Orton and Cena as champs.

    CM Punk takes over the Nexus and what does Barrett do? He somehow is able to leave for Smackdown (never explained...kinda like why Cole is on Smackdown ruining it for me. The Corre and Nexus confront each other a few times and then...well, The New Nexus is getting jobbed out The Corre just sucks. Couldn't risk someone turning face so they bungled it up.

    The heels hardly ever win. I'm talking the match. The feud...the last major heel to win a feud was probably Kane--and that's because they had to rebook it since UT was going to have to take time off. Cody Rhodes lost his feud with Rey, Miz lost to Cena,

    The Michael Cole thing has gone on too damn long. I mean, I have trouble just watching the WWE because he just kills the matches for me because he always sucked at it, but now he's taking away from every match and pushing only himself.

    The truth is the WWE needs to move some wrestles up. The most restrictive club in town (The WWE main eventers) needs flesh blood. Triple H is busy with his managment roles, UT is practically retired, Edge is retired...that leaves Cena, Mysterio, and Orton.

  3. Flyattractor Guest

    Is it just me or are the nexus,and the core pretty much doing the same storyarc at the moment?
    The teams are falling apart due to the leaders being big douche-bags,and the 2 Big Muscle guys getting pushes and breaking out on their own.

    Keeping in mind I haven't watched 1 second of either show for about 3 weeks.

  4. arishem Guest

    ya its aight

    taking beat from christian made no sense at all

    nexus is boring

    barrett needs to take his baritone voice to another fed....damm bum

  5. TomLupo Guest


  6. Flyattractor Guest

    Fuck Sheamus. Bring back Fit(I likes ta fight) Finaly!

  7. Thorne Guest

    I'd like to see Sheamus get a nice tan and then team with Drew McIntyre

  8. Flyattractor Guest

    Is Drew even still around? He seemed to fizzle out after edge left.
    And it looiked like Dolph had filled his shoes.

  9. Thorne Guest

    His solo thing isn't working that's why he needs a tag partner

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    No. His wife, former WWE diva Tiffany, won't keep her mouth shut and he's getting punished for it.

    That's why his storyline with Kelly Kelly was dropped.


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