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Thread: Thoughts on RAW.

  1. Thorne Guest

    Really? on All Star night you want a jobber on the card? Because thats all he'll ever be, to the WWE Universe not living in NY he's a nobody

  2. Thorne Guest

    So there's been All Star Night Raw (which had few "Stars") and Power to the People Raw (which didn't really give power to anyone) and next is Raw Roulette w/Shawn Michaels...

    to quote a famous smuggler: "I've got a bad feeling about this."

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    Yeah, last night's show was garbage. At least what I sat through.

    Pro wrestling has really fallen far since the glory days of the attitude era and even slightly thereafter (save things like the invasion angle, which mostly sucked.)

    Though even that had fun stuff like Kurt Angle dousing Stone Cold and the Alliance in milk.

  4. Thorne Guest

    Raw Roulette starts off with HBK super kicking some jabronis... guess they gotta give the crowd what they want

  5. Thorne Guest

    Sin Cara & Evan Bourne was excellent.

    Big Show gets slammed through steel cage by steel cage door, Mark Henry is a beast!

    Punk didnt break the 4th wall, he freaking decimated it into oblivion, then they cut his mic and went to black... oooh thats different

  6. altoon Guest

    CM Punk destroyed my flatsceen with his awesomeness

  7. Thorne Guest

    the look of total confusion on Cena's face was priceless

  8. Thorne Guest

    I knew Vince was gonna say Yer Fired! at some point last night.

    Cena walking out was cool, I hoped he would just keep going and take a break for like 6 to 8 months and do a movie or something, let us watch other guys fight over the belt.

    Put more creative bookers in charge and this could be a neat little storyline, have Cena go rogue on Independence Day, slowly recruit guys sick of getting crapped on by WWE, kind of a jobber nWo but not as aggressive or lame...eventually have it revealed the leader is Shane O'Mac and he's the Anonymous General manager and they take over Raw and Steph & Trips take over Smackdown and have a WWE Civil War... epic

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    After his mic work on RAW, I wish someone like HBK or Triple H was in this in his place. I mean...he's too...

    Aw, he's just not good. And it wouldn't make sense for Cena to go rogue. He's already seen as the WWE's pick, so that would kill the angle dead before it started. It'd have to be a guy like Punk, Daniel Bryan...heck, Christian would be a great choice right now.

  10. TomLupo Guest

    it wasn't too bad monday...i actually enjoyed it.

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