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Thread: Philosophical Question

  1. Thorne Guest

    Philosophical Question

    Let's say, just for the sake of this theoretical exercise, that there are two groups of people living on a particular world off in the far reaches of the universe. Group 1 are basically good people, interested in learning and culture and advancing science to improve their lives and the environment around them. Group 2 are also basically good, they live by tradition and knowledge of life passed down from one of their early ancestors, they strive to better themselves in their own way without the use of the technology of Group 1. These two groups of people live together in relative peace and harmony (there will always be some exceptions to any rule and occasional misunderstandings and violent arguments happen).

    Now, off in a remote area of their galaxy a being exists that is of enormous power and influence and is unhappy with his world, he feels betrayed by his leader and feels his people are beneath him in intellect and understanding, so he leaves this world for some other, a few of his people who share his views follow him. In his anger and rage he destroys his home world and all the people there. In time he finds a populated world with sufficient technology and tries to live among the natives. The anger and rage he feels about what life has done to him doesnt go away only festers moreso until he cannot tolerate the seeming shortcomings of this world and destroys it too.

    So this angry, resentful and very powerful being eventually finds his way to the world of Group 1 and 2. They are unaware of his arrival and he allows them to live not knowing of his presence deciding instead to observe them to determine if they are worthy of his attention. He sees how well they live with each other and grows very jealous and the hate builds in him, but instead of destroying the world he decides instead to make them destroy themselves. He seeds thoughts of corruption among their leaders, he inspires deviation and lusts to drive apart marriages, he encourages fears and fosters aggression between Group 1 and 2.

    Group 2 senses something otherworldy behind the unravelling of their worlds society and search the teachings of their learned ancestor. The ancient one warns about a being who will come to destroy their world (let's say it came to him in a dream) and so Group 2 believing the writings decide to warn Group 1. When told of this Group 1 uses their advanced science to prove it, they test everything about their world and use powerful diagnostic devices to see any threat. Not finding anything (the Hateful alien being a magnitude of power above anything they can know continues to remain hidden) Group 1 dismisses Group 2 as delusional frightened weirdos.

    If there is an evil intelligence bent upon destroying the world how can Group 2 convince Group 1 without solid proof?

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  3. riv1 Guest

    The answer is, they can't. Not as a whole. There'll be people in group 1 that will act on faith, but not all of them.

  4. Thorne Guest

    Interesting answers.

  5. Flyattractor Guest

    I choose door #3 Monty.

  6. riv1 Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by Thorne View Post
    Interesting answers.
    I'll take your word on that in regards to Fly...

  7. Gootzer Guest

    If group 1 are as fundamentally good as stated and even willing to use science to see what group 2 is talking about, despite their lack of belief wouldn't they start to realize that group 2 are trying to peacefully resolve this? If they are scientific and peace wanting I would imagine this would inspire them to try to find peace just as much as group 2.


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