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Thread: R.I.P Randy Macho Man Savage

  1. TomLupo Guest

    WOW....that savage piece on RAW was moving.

  2. Thorne Guest

    Shocking! Simply unbelievably shocking and unsettling!

    I had no idea Curt Hennig was 44, dude was a geezer!

  3. TomLupo Guest

    mr. perfect was really mr. cocaine.....

  4. Thorne Guest

    I'm surprised Robin Williams hasn't croaked yet, the guys skeletal structure is laced with coke like Wolverine

  5. Slither Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by Thorne View Post
    I would have traded Hogan out for Savage if one had to pass away.

  6. Slither Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by Flyattractor View Post
    Test was young too.

  7. Slither Guest

    So, why did Vince and and the WWE have such a hate on for Randy?

    And what's the deal with the Hogan/Savage feud?

  8. Flyattractor Guest

    With those 3?
    Only 2 things are logical.
    Ego and Money.

  9. Slither Guest


    And I'm sure Vince woulda forgiven all if Randy had come back, thus earning Vince money.

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    Here's a sad link (with that chart) showing just how many not so long ago stars have parted -

    Over 25 percent of the performers from Wrestlemania VII have died

    Over one-quarter of the performers who took part in 1991's Wrestlemania VII have died, a wrestling website noted in the wake of the death of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

    The Wrestling Observer newsletter discovered that 14 of the 51 performers at the event have died in the past 20 years, with many of the deaths attributed to drug use (link is subscription only).

    The list of wrestlers who have died since 1991 include some of the biggest stars in the sport like Savage, Andre the Giant, Miss Elizabeth and The British Bulldog. Causes of death include suicides, murder and heart attacks, some the result of years of anabolic steroid use. Savage died last week after suffering an apparent heart attack behind the wheel of his truck. His ex-wife, Miss Elizabeth, passed away after overdosing on a variety of drugs in 2003.

    Looking at the list is a sobering reminder of the realities of a make-believe sport like professional wrestling. Not all of the men and women listed played a part in their own demise; referee Joey Marella was the victim of a car crash that occurred when he was driving home from a match.

    As points out, none of the 44 starters from the Super Bowl played in 1991 have passed away and only two of 44 boxers who held a championship belt that year are gone.

    At 58, Savage made it nearly a decade longer than some of his deceased colleagues.

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