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Thread: Comics Are For People #3

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    Comics Are For People #3

    Comics Are For People #3

    Hey comics people! Its time for yet another installment of Comics Are for People. As you may have noticed, I bumped CAFP back to Thursdays now, to steal a little less glory from the SEB-Standard. And just in time for Thanksgiving, too! Depending on how things go, though I'll try and get a column posted next Thursday for you hardcore CAFP-heads, though, anyway. I have a good theme column in mind!

    ANYHOW! Enough with the pleasantries and down to business!

    Viper Comics Chimes In

    My first column caught the fancy of Viper Comics, who mentioned as much to me. I took their interest as an opportunity to get an indie publisher's perspective on some comics related issues. Jesse over there was kind enough to answer a few of my questions Check it out:

    CAFP: One of the big criticisms of comics today is that publishers are more like intellectual property farms waiting for one of their comics to get optioned vs actually making comics as a "for profit" model. But I've noticed that the opposite happened to you guys. The makers of "How To Be A Serial Killer" came to you guys to make a comic to promote the film.

    How true do you find the assertion about publishers being IP farms? Do you fit yourself into that category?

    Jesse: Its not the publishers are becoming IP farms I just feel that Hollywood has in recent years started to take more notice of comic book properties and been able to make some successful films based on comic book properties. Comic Book publishers are no different then say book publishers or authors that have made films from existing books and this has been going on for as long as I can remember. We publish books that we feel are cool and fun with unique concepts that we feel will stand out and hopefully bring mainstream readers to the comic industry.

    Do you think, overall, that has an effect on the quality of comics(talking across the board, not just how it applies to you guys)?

    I believe that because of this recent success with comic book related films there has been a surge in more projects being developed for comic with hopes of turning them into film or TV. I don't think it's affected the quality of comics, but just more ideas being published.

    Since HTBASK came to you guys to do a comic as a promotional tool, what do you think that says about comics fanbase as it relates to other media?

    I just believe people are just exploring other avenues for their product. not necessarily singling out comic fan base, but just exploring more avenues to bring awareness.

    Is it simply targeted advertising, or is it indicative or comics being an important/viable (if only supplementary in this case) medium?

    no just another medium in which to explore efforts to bring awareness to story. the content is something that I feel falls within the comic fan base mainstream. Its not like we're publishing a film that was made for something outside of comics, the subject matter is something we feel comic readers would check out.

    It seems like a ton of off-the-air television shows (Buffy, Angel, Farscape) are enjoying additional "seasons" in comics so, the IP farm concept can't be ALL true, since those are basically cases of the reverse happening to, don't you think?

    I couldn't agree more it provides an outlet for creators to still see the content out especially if its no longer on television. Great format to be able to continue the storylines and adventures for those projects.

    CAFP take? Positive! While yeah, there's a lot of "this is how the business works" kinda stuff going on, I really got the vibe that Viper is about publishing comics, not cashing in on properties. Well, not in the sense that they're operating on a budget that relies soley on a property getting optioned at some point.

    For me that's a good sign. The last thing we need is apathy towards the medium from the very folks who publish it! So while yes, some of the cynicism that publishers are putting out glorified storyboards, is probably rooted in a fair amount of truth (okay, I think we can all name at least one company that operates this way), there are publishers who are actually interested in publishing comics.

    And truthfully, I'm really happy to see other mediums getting extended life in comics. For me that is a good sign for the viability of the comic book.

    MTV True Life: Fanboy

    You’ve probably seen the casting calls by now. Even on this website. MTV is looking for “fanboys” for their documentary show “True Life.” Figuring that they’re looking for an extreme case of fanboyism to make for an interesting show, I contacted the folks making the show to see what sort of criteria they're looking for in a subject.

    The gentleman I spoke to was very nice willing to talk about it, but after they've developed the show further, and agreed to talk about it a few months down the line. No word on the criteria for choosing a fanboy, though. I guess we can take that as a "no comment" for the time being. I'll be keeping tabs on this one.

    Gears of War Top Seller

    Hey, I didn’t find this out myself, but I thought it was a point of interest… Lying in the Gutters (Rich Johnston) reports that the top selling American comic book issue of the year is “Gears of War” #1 with over 450,000 beating all the mega-crossovers. That’s not what I find particularly interesting though. What I found to be interesting was Rich’s last comment, that only 10% of those sales came from the direct market.

    Woah. I have to wonder where those sales are coming from then. I’ll see what I can do about looking into this. Or, if any one has any information about this, or other big sellers that don’t go through the direct market, please let me know. I’m very curious about this stuff. If there’s one thing I’m learning though all of this… it’s that I’ve got a lot to learn!

    Well, I've been sitting on this one a bit as I was developing the column, and then talking about APE, etc... But, if you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that the old "" called it quits a few months back. While site featured a decent listing and some decent blogging about the world of webcomics, it did see a bit shy of what you'd expect from, well, such a perfect domain name.

    Guess what? Now the Halfpixel guys have picked up. You know the Halfpixel guys right? They might not have invented webcomics, but they may as well have! I doubt much of a better thing could have happened to the domain. Now the site features a rotation of great articles (some regular, some submitted), videos, message board, resources... the whole gamut. Even in its infancy, its really shaping up to be a fantastic site, and probably a future cornerstone in the webcomics world.

    Check it out if you get a chance, especially cool for the creative types.

    That's all folks

    Welp, thanks for checking in this week. If I run a column next week, it will hit on Thanksgiving, so it just might be a list of things to be thankful for! That would be sweet, wouldn't it? If any of you want to submit you reasons to be thankful (comic related or otherwise), please feel free to share them with me and I will include them in the column!

    Alright, take care, and go share a comic with someone, okay?

    Matt Grant is a graphic designer and self-publishing comics and webcomics creator. His comic MastorisM can be read at and updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. A long time comics fanatic and advocate for the medium, Matt eats, sleeps, and breathes comics. They’re actually pretty good if you fry them up and add a little Tapatio.

    Matt would love nothing more than to hear from fans, retailers, creators, and publishers that have anything relevant to contribute to his column. He believes that, only by working together, we can bring the comics medium to a wider deserving audience. Please feel free to email him at, private message him here, or harass him on the street! Matt does not claim to be an industry expert in any way shape or form, but rather an opinionated pundit on the sidelines.

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    I was gonna say that I wasn't certain SEB-standard had any glory to steal, then "ratings" halved and halved again during the weeks we both posted on Wednesday, and they've already spiked a bit the week you moved to Thursday.
    Which, I believe, Still means SEB-standard has no glory, just that CAFP has serious pull! So, congrats, you're already a mover and a shaker!!

    Second...great interview with VIPER! Wonderful questions, man! Serious stuff.

    Third, if you want to find out more about the non direct market...let's coin a term right here in CAFP...the "indirect market", you should talk to Mat Nastos of NIFTY COMICS. He markets THE CADRE everywhere and anywhere beyond Diamond and the Comic shops.

    Another great column, my friend!
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    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  3. MattGrant Guest

    good tip. I've read a lot of his blogs, I'll have to get in touch with him...

    and yes! thanks for coining that... INDIRECT MARKET!

    and SEB-standard has mucho glory!

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    Yes, the "Indirect Market" can be added to "FanSpace" (though I still preferred DorkSpace) in our burgeoning PFB Lexicon!
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

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