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Thread: we all heard about liefeld on hawk and dove....

  1. TomLupo Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by riddlesmith View Post
    Yeah dude she looks like she's in the midst of a mammogram.

  2. fenix1977 Guest

    Poor Dove. Rob does not like you so he makes you look weird with one boob way bigger than the that her new super power?

  3. TomLupo Guest

    and if it is, will we see the tit in action??

  4. fenix1977 Guest

    Ooo I wanna know the sound effects they will use when she pops some one in the eye with her super nipple!

  5. ShutOffTheSun Guest

    is it odd that the red bird in the background which I can only assume is suppose to be a hawk is what caught my eye first?

  6. TomLupo Guest

    newest rob pic....enjoy!!

  7. TomLupo Guest


  8. Jbreeny Guest

    What is his expresion meant to be? Is it anger? Or is it upset?

    To me it looks like the guy is constipated or he is getting a colonoscopy, one of those two

  9. TomLupo Guest

    lets see...
    neck bigger then head....check.
    micro ears.......check.

    hey, i spotted a new one.....look at his eyes...they are uneven like alfred e. newman

  10. joshpierce Guest

    I am sorry but Rob is completely and utterly overrated. I can see how this guy got lucky and trendy for a while and so people bought his art. I don't hate him as an idea man as he has created many beloved characters/series in his time as a creator, but his art, it's worse then most creators out there, even at small small publishers, and yet he gets WAY too much work.

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