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Thread: SEB-standard: Week 8 - Expectations, Aspirations, & Collaborations!

  1. Smeets Guest

    i hate that arguement.

    if you are and artist or writer you are automatically in it for fun and the whole creative process. hollywood and movie deals should be on every artists to do list. having there be one type is complete bullshit. the whole you are either in it for the money or in it for fun statement is pissing me off. i'm in it for both - money and fun

    that's my thoughts picky one

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    I'm just in it to help promote the use of the capitalized pronoun "I", Big Brain!
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  3. tylerjames Guest

    Nice article.

    I think one of the important things I see in your experience is how important it is to get out there and meet and talk to fellow comic enthusiasts about your ideas. Creating comics (writing and drawing) is largely lonely work. So events like the 24 Hour Comic Day, conventions, comic writing classes or groups are all worthwhile endeavors.

    Clearly you were able to convey your passion and interest about a particular character in such a way as it got your artist excited about it, too. I think you definitely approached the collaboration aspect with the right mindset.

    I would caution those DW collab posters, though. While clearly not impossible, getting that same kind of commitment and excitement from an artist you only know through forum posts or e-mail can be an uphill climb. It's easy to just disappear online. A lot harder if you actually get to know the person.

    Regardless, best of luck with your collab.

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