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Thread: Your road to Comic Geekdom

  1. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Your road to Comic Geekdom

    I am sure we all have our own personal stories about what got us into reading comics, or that one moment that 'hooked' you and started you on your road to becoming a comic geek. What's your story?? Here's mine:

    For me, it is a multi-generational story. It all started with my Grandmother, who used to read Batman and Superman comics when she was a kid. She started reading only a couple of years after they both originally debuted. And, like many from the era, no one in her family had any inkling about the importance those comics would one day somewhere along the way the were thrown out.

    Because of her history with comics, she started buying comics for my Uncle, mom, and later my aunt, when they were all pretty young. My mother became a fan and collector of Archie comics, while my Uncle went with the Marvel and DC books, leaning more towards Marvel in the late 70's.

    So, in the late 70's, before I could even read, my grandmother would buy me Richie Rich and other kids comics at the grocery store. In the early 80's I would find my uncle's comics in the attic and start finding out about Superheroes. There was Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk (which we bought our first color television ever so I could see the Hulk turn green...), and of course, the X-Men! From this point on I was hooked! I lived in a small town and always felt alone and different...and here were the X-Men who felt the same as I did! I soon immersed myself in the lives of the X-Men...I would have given anything to become a mutant so I could go to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

    While I read my Uncles books, most of my own purchases through the early to late 80's were licensed books. My grandmother got me mail order subscriptions to Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Indiana Jones, and G.I. Joe. And while I loved these books as well, there was just something about the X-Men. Then, when I was in High school, the local grocery store started carrying some X-titles. It was the "Fall of the Mutants" storyline...I don't remember if the first one I purchased was the Uncanny X-Men fighting the Adversary in Dallas, or X-Factor fighting Archangel and Apocalypse....but my personal collection started there. To this day, I could tell you more about the X-Men than any other subject I have ever known or studied...I just finished my MBA and I could still tell you more about the X-Men than about International Marketing, or Accounting. lol.

  2. TomLupo Guest

    very interesting JDL........i always like to read an "origin" of how peeps got into comics.
    i'm sure you know my story...i told it many times.
    i'd like to read more stories like let the other members here embelish their "origins".

  3. fenix1977 Guest

    The first comic I remember actually owning is Wolverine #13 from the first ongoing series. Which spawned into me getting Uncanny X-Men when I found out he was in that title as well. I was mostly a Marvel only reader when I started getting comics in the late 80's. The first comic I remember reading was a Fantastic Four hard cover from the library of my middle school that basically collected the first couple of issued of that series. My collection was as I said mostly Marvel and was expanded by comic book bundles that I got every year for X-Mas from the sears catalog which was at the time my only exposure to DC comics. I was collecting at the time of the Image Comics explosion so I had a ton of those titles as well. I stopped getting books around 1995-96 because I had to choose between money for college or money for comics. It was not until I got back into comics after college that I expanded into getting both Marvel and DC titles as well as other books from independent publishers. I have been able to fill in gaps from the the years I was not collecting through CCL and my collection has exploded in size.

  4. Woodchuck Guest

    First comic I remember "owning" was GI Joe #2, which I promptly put stickers all over. It came in a six pack of comics from Toys R' Us that my mom would buy for my brothers and I before long car trips. That, and we would raid the comic book spinner rack at the local base or post exchange (depending on where we were living at the time) for comics, too. I also remember reading Thor #356 (a comic that I still own though it's in terrible shape; don't ask me how out of all Walt Simonson's run, the one issue of Thor I had read at the time was the one issue he didn't do). Also remember reading Power Man & Iron Fist #115.

    Then, about '86 or so, I opened my first comics sub at my LCS in Killeen, TX, and the rest is history.

  5. fenix1977 Guest

    How large is every ones collection? According to my CCL summary I between my comics/trades/action figures my collection stands at 6004 items total at this point. There is a lot of stuff I have not been able to get out of storage and look at yet (mostly action figs) so it is more around I would say 6100 items and change.

  6. Thorne Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by fenix1977 View Post
    How large is every ones collection?
    6,203 comics bagged/boarded in long boxes, along with 82 TPBs and 17,910 digital comics

  7. fenix1977 Guest

    The only "digital" comics I have are the X-Men DVD-Rom collection that they put out. I am not sure if they count as digital though.

  8. JeffHaas Guest

    I am probably somewhere around the 5000-5500 range. My largest collection is GL. I am missing only 28 issues since ithe 1960 series started. And I own every issue with GL in the title since 1970.

    My first comic was an issue of Justice League of America. It became coverless pretty fast. I really did not start buyign comics until I went with my father(who bought comics as a kid) to an Ocean State Job Lot store, that was selling a bunch of old back issues for 3 for a dollar. My father realized that there was almost a whole run of GL comics from issue 172 to issue 200 and bought them all for me.

  9. Jamesdlogan Guest

    As far as the size of my collection, you guys are making me feel like I have a very small Last count I had almost 4000.....but I downsized that when I opened my bookstore. So, I technically have less than that now....but if you add what I have in my personal collection with what I have in the online store (plus those I have purchased for the store...) I probably have about 6000 now. :-)

  10. Woodchuck Guest

    I have just over 2000 single issues and probably 3 dozen hardcovers and tpbs. That's about half of what it was 5-6 years ago.

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