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Thread: Terrax vs Sphinx

  1. arishem Guest

    Terrax vs Sphinx

    who wins

  2. Thorne Guest

    Sphinx is the bigger baddie and pwns.

  3. RedCelestial Guest

    This already happened in the very first arc Terrax appeared in...the Sphinx one shotted Terrax

  4. arishem Guest

    sphinx did indeed

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    Wasn't Sphinx amped by the Xandar living computer there?

    Not that I disagree he'll win here anyway.

  6. Slither Guest

    In the same story arc RC mentioned, the Thing went toe-to-toe with Terrax. And that was a Ben who was aging due to being blasted by an aging ray of some sort that the Skrull used.

    Prior to that issue, Ben saw the Sphinx on Nova's ship, charged and attacked him.... only to have the Sphinx catch Ben's punch with one hand and start to crush Ben's hand. And that was BEFORE the Sphinx juiced up on the Xandar computer (Same issue, though).

    When Ben fought the Sphinx in his solo book, he knew he was out-classed and was lucky enough to land a double handed shot to Sphinx's ribs and cause the SPhinx to leave. And, IIRC, the Sphinx's Ka stone in that fight was not complete.

    Based on a comparable opponent, Terrax gets CREAMED!


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