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Thread: Frank Miller's "Holy Terror, The Fixer"

  1. Jbreeny Guest

    Frank Miller's "Holy Terror, The Fixer"

    So I am sure we all eard about this book when it was first announced, it was Batman versus Al-Qaeda. It had Frank Miller's craziness written all over it. However now it isn't a Batman book now and it has turned into a book about a character called The Fixer taking on Al-Qaeda.

    Is anyone actually thinking of checking this out? Part of me wants to pick it up just to see what crazy shit Miller has in store for us.

  2. UCLGeogPhD Guest

    I am both disappointed and relieved that he ditched Batman from this title. Academically I've been waiting for years for this title as it would be a direct superhero and terrorism comic. Frank's touched on his views of fundamentalist terrorism before in Dark Knight Strikes Back in one brief frame so it would have been interesting to see how he put his world view through Batman. However, as a Batman fan, I sense that it probably would have sucked as a story with Batman. I just can't forgive Dark Knight Strikes Back and its weird take on Dick Grayson, oh and the fact that it was pretty rubbish before that revelation that Grayson is the villain.

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    Im glad that Batman was scraped from this idea. Would have been super pathetic to see him like that. As for checking it out, I want to but don't think I can bring mysf too. When does it come out?

  4. Jbreeny Guest

    I don't think an actual date has been released so who knows.

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    Damn that's too bad. I'll probably forget about the name of this when it comes out. Please feel free to bump this thread if you ever see a release date as I'd really like to pick it up and review it on our podcast when it comes out.

  6. Jbreeny Guest

    Yeah no worries man, I'll keep my eye out

  7. Jbreeny Guest

    Well it was announced that this will be released in September to coincide with the 10th anniversary of 9/11

    Here is the trailer for it

  8. UCLGeogPhD Guest

    Oh god, with that trailer I'm thinking more and more that this is going to suck worse than [please insert your own preferential ending to this sentence here] .

    Looking at the trailer I sense that in reality Frank didn't decide to not use Batman, but was instead TOLD he couldn't use the Bat for this project. I'm not sure how this comic will fare in the light that Franks main original point, "why haven't we just killed Osama and everyone?", now seems to have come to fruition in reality.


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