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Thread: an outsider{NOW} looking in.

  1. Slither Guest

    It does, doesn't it. So does Johns and Lee on JLA. So did Azarello and Lee on Superman.....

    It ALWAYS sounds good. And sometimes it IS good. But, what usually happens once the "Hot" or "Superstar" writer/artist leaves? Usually, sales tank. Why? Maybe the hot writer actually wrote something good that the next writer can't match the skill and creativity level of his predecessor. Maybe the hot writer ended his run on an odd note that's hard to take up from. Maybe some fans just bought the books for the writer/artist and bail as soon the writer/artist does.

    Or maybe, just maybe, the next writer walks in with a "new vision/direction" for the character that swings so far away from where the previous writer left off that readers are left going "WTF is THIS sh*t?!?!?" Yes, JMS, I'm looking at you.

    So, who's fault is that? Who LETS the writer "run with it"? Yup, editorial.

    I couldn't care less about Superman. And aside from his work on JLA, I'm not a Grant Morrisson fan. And while I LOVE Perez's work as an artist and his run as writer/artist on Wonder Woman, I hate his costume design for Superman (or did Lee design this crap?).

    My prediction is that this relaunch will have a TON of flash-0in-the-pan moments. 52 books will soon be pared down to many less titles. And we'll have lost many great books for this relaunch that will be hard to bring back to where they are now. And they'll bring back most if not all of what they're ditching now.

    And who will they blame? THE READERS! We'll get the same old tired line about how the READERS don't like change and were demanding a reutrn to how things were! We resist change, blah, blah, f'n blah.

    Here's a tidbit for you, DC..... I do not recall seeing ANY cries and demands for the return of Hal or Barry. Sure, when hal was first butchered and killed and Kyle showed up, fans were pissed. But, over the years, the only one who truly seemed to be jonesing to bringin these two back is now in charge of creative development at DC. So, if anyone can be blamed for things reverting, johns needs only look at himself.... as can Quesada at Marvel.

    So, DC decided to bring back many old elements... then they say things are too muddled.... or too stale.... or too complicated.... depends on the day, I guess. But, when it's time to lay down the blame for bad sales and reverting things back, the FANS get blamed.

    Pure BS, IMO.

  2. CJFinnegan Guest

    Either the fans or the characters themselves will be blamed if the post-Flashpoint reboot is a failure. Hell, DC blamed Captain Marvel for the failure of Power of Shazam instead of what was really to blame: dull, overly melodramatic, and generally lackluster stories.

  3. trusty Guest

    I am not someone who has stopped reading comics however I am the type of person who is sad when I feel the need to drop a book that I was previously enjoying a LOT because of the content. I acknowledge completely the idea that majority of the people not reading comics anymore is because of content.

    A lot of posters have made some great comments pertaining to the editors. Here is something I do not believe has been mentioned concerning the editors: they should also KNOW the characters that they are editing for.

    It boggles the mind when you have writers who may not be aware of something that happened in an old story, and then the editor doesn't pick up that error either. If you are the editor for let's say the a new Nightcrawler book or mini series, you should know everything important thing about that character at least pertaining to what happens in the new book or mini and if not, do research if the writer did not to make sure that you do not "accidentally" have something printed that HAS to be labeled a retcon if it wasn't intended.

    So, content of the story aside, as a fan nothing annoys me more when something contradicts what happened in a previous tale. The editors should be on top of that if the writer themselves let it slip.

  4. trusty Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by Slither View Post
    Yes, the BIG EVENTS set my teeth on edge too.

    Too many, too many that SUCK, Too expensive to keep up with, and, as you say, it gets CRAMMED down the throats of writers who likely had something else going on.
    This is usually the main problem I have with Big Events as well. I overall do not dislike the idea of them, but the lack of gaps between events is getting ridiculous. Money aside I just hate it that they do not wait enough time between events period. Which is why I was so happy that while Civil War was going on, Daredevil--which at the time was my favorite book at Marvel--was NOT affected by the event and it was pretty much doing it's own thing. There was a simple explanation why DD had no involvement with Civil War, which was the most that the title made mention of CW, and it "moved on" and continued with its already amazing tale.

  5. TomLupo Guest

    i only said that perez/morrison sounds good is because:
    1-morrison wrote one of the best superman stories ever
    2-perez has never let me down with his art.

  6. Slither Guest

    Sorry, Tom. I was not bashing you. I was just expounding on what has historically happened in the past.

  7. TomLupo Guest


  8. Slither Guest

    Just so we're clear, Bro.

    Gotta keep whatever on-line friends I have.

  9. TomLupo Guest


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