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Thread: DCnU, the new 52, and YOU - What will you be checking out?

  1. TomLupo Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by Woodchuck View Post
    Here's what I'm looking at now:

    OMAC - because this is classic goofy Jack Kirby; I'm interested to see what they do with it (I imagine this may be one of the first series cancelled due to low sales)

    Hawk & Dove - just to spite all the Liefeld haters and, many moons ago, my brother was a huge Hawk and Dove fan on Liefeld's first go-round on the property, so I'm helping subsidize his fanboy wet dreams (though he is disappointed that Karl Kesel isn't along for the ride).

    And I might pick up the Frankenstein book, too.
    i have these original runs.......more interested in omac and frankenstein.

  2. Jehoe Guest

    Im going to get quite a few, but unsure how i feel about new 52 tbh. Im getting:
    justice league
    action comics
    Wonder Woman
    The flash
    Green arrow
    Dective Comics
    Unsure about Dark knight and batman and robin
    red hood and the outlaws
    Green Lantern
    Demon Knights
    Suicide Squad
    Hawk and Dove only issue 1 tho

  3. trusty Guest

    Listening to the Green Lantern Panel Podcast at SDCC 2011, I may in fact continue to read Green Lantern because it makes mention that we will finally see much more about the origins and secrets behind the Indigo Tribe...and I am very curious about that.

  4. Jbreeny Guest

    I think Johns has to give us a lot more information on the Indigo tribe real soon, he has teased it for so long now that people are started to get real annoyed by his constant teasers with it.

    I think the Indigo's are all prisoners to their corps. It seems like Abin Sur captured Indigo-1 and somehow made her a prisoner to the Indigo corps with no free will whatsoever.

  5. UCLGeogPhD Guest

    Its down to five for me:
    Batman and Robin
    Justice League
    Justice League International

    I may try and grab a copy of Red Lanterns to see if its any good, but beyond that nothing truly grabs me.

  6. trusty Guest

    Been doing some thinking and may take Nightwing and Red Hood and the Outlaws out of my list and see how the first issues are received before I check them out. Just I'm not as excited for those two books anymore like I should be. Listening to the DC Panel Podcasts I'm excited about other books more.

    Although I am strongly considering to check out Wonder Woman since that's a character I've always liked the concept of.

  7. Jamesdlogan Guest

    I may have to add Voodoo and Sgt. Rock to my list as well...just depends on money and the job situation...

  8. TomLupo Guest

    i was reading about a comic book store that has this deal:
    buy all 52 comics in september for $99.99

  9. trusty Guest

    Yea I imagine that some stores will come up deals to help promote the New 52. As for my store...hmm hard to guess what they will do because I think they are fairly successful to begin with and might not be as worried as other retailers. But maybe some sales for the first few weeks or something.

  10. TomLupo Guest

    don't the store give you any kind of discount?
    just about every store in brooklyn and manhatten has discounts.

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