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Thread: DCnU, the new 52, and YOU - What will you be checking out?

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    Out of curiousity - what did you see at SDCC that fired you up for it?

  2. trusty Guest

    I didn't get to go to SDCC this year. At the last second I was no longer able to go. I listened to all of DC's Podcasts, however, and just hearing the discussion of the DCnU and the questions and answers made me feel more confident in the relaunch. At the moment my only issues are with no JSA existing and Wally West being pushed aside without any answers on that and the unclear information on the founding Teen Titan members because aside from Roy and Dick we don't know squat about the rest. Then also some of the panels got me interested more in titles I wasn't considering before 100%.

  3. trusty Guest

    CBR just had 15min or so interview with Berganza and Harras and they have now piqued my interest in their Men of War book when they said: "The 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' in the DCU has a greater meaning in this book". Which is painfully obvious so now I'm excited. What I loved about Checkmate was the mixing of metas and regular humans in a government/black ops/military-like setting. This may have a similar vibe mayhaps?

  4. trusty Guest

    Lol, updated my list again. Added 4 more in and have a possible 5th that I'm still contemplating on. Damnit, are going to run me draw as I'm paying for tuition this semester and all.

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