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Thread: *blank* may be know for *blank*, but I remember him most for....

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    *blank* may be know for *blank*, but I remember him most for....

    Let me explain: I just started a thread about writers/artists who have never let you down, where I mention Perez.

    Now, I know most folk first remember Perez for his Avengers work. Not me. while his work on Avengers in the 70s/80s and then with busiek is outstanding, for me I always first remember Perez for his work on the Fantastic Four, starting with THIS book:

    Sure, Kirby did the cover and Sinnott did an amazing job finishing, but this was my first real exposure to George's work.... and I was HOOKED.

    Folk talk of byrne's FF run or Lee/Kirby's.... for me, Perez's art on the FF is still my fave period for them.

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    Yeah, I bought it off a rack the day it came out..... sigh... good daysfor comics, those were....

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    Nice topic

    A couple that come to mind for me are Roy Thomas and Stan Lee.

    Both are very accomplished obviously. And Roy may be my favorite Avengers writer ever. But his much less heralded 70s Invaders series held a sort of special place for me.

    I love quality set in World War two tales and this attempt was before it became particularly fashionable to try and do it in sometimes like an ongoing. Plus silly as it may sound to others, my family has roots in that period and conflict. And while these books were released decades later and have nothing directly to do with WW2, just seeing the time setting kind of made them a bit special to me. Not to mention that things weren't so much about power then. I doubt any of the major villains were above mid tier in the series. Ftm, Namor probably wasn't in that era either. It was about rights and ideals, not just a mass power show. Roy did a pretty nice if occasionally hokay job at showing that angle.
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    As for Stan, he and Jack Kirby pretty much were Marvel in the 60's and early 70's. Many of his words are acclaimed and rightly so. His best loved projects probably revolve around character that turned out to be the biggest commercial hits. Like Fantastic Four, Hulk, Avengers, and especially Spider-Man.

    But being a proper Thorite, I really like their run at the start of JIM/Thor. Till this day, only Simonson's rates with it imo. Stan and Jack showed the Gods as being majestic and powerful. He created new characters that have enriched the Thor series over the decades.

    Seemingly impossible to cope with terrors like Mangog and the Destroyer

    As well as richer characters with personal interaction and rivalries with the rest of the Thorverse (or even MU at large) like Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner.

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    bendis may be known for his marvel work, but his best stuff was from caliber comics and image comics.

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    I've heard that before about Bendis.

    I'm just so turned off by his Marvel work that I am loathe to read anything he's written/will write now.

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