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Thread: Ross Hughes Colors Thread

  1. Cary Guest

    lol i posted those in the RHS thread too! heheh

  2. RHughes Guest

    Great minds......=)

  3. RHughes Guest

    Okay, I FINALLY got everything situated with my new computer and was able to update these a little bit.

    I dropped the sat level on the tail end of the jacket in the first pic and brought out some more light in his arms and shoulders to help break that up a little bit. Also added a whiter highlight to the underside rimlight to help him pop out even more.

    I added some rimlight to Justice Theta.

    I fixed the glow in the Prometheus pic, and played with my color holds on the background rocks so that it didn't look so plain.

    I'm moving on to some new ones this evening, so hopefully I'll have a couple more to be able to post tomorrow.

  4. DavidPaul Guest

    You already know I'm a fan of your work. I especially enjoy your pieces not associated with known superheroes.

  5. RHughes Guest

    With any luck there will be plenty of those to keep me busy.

  6. RHughes Guest

    Here is another promo piece. This one is Dynagirl. Justice Theta's woman and future star of her own ongoing series.

    Lines by Harold Edge

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  7. Sliverbane Guest

    Wow, I feel bad for missing out on this thread for so long! I really enjoy your work!

  8. DavidPaul Guest

    Yeah. I'm not a fan of the comic but she's a bit on the yummy side. Your colors are fantastic. And those lines are great.

  9. RHughes Guest

    So wait a like the art and colors but aren't a fan of the comic itself? Someone close and lock all the windows to Cary's rig!!!!

  10. RHughes Guest

    Here is some more promo work for Fallen Justice. This is Ms. Anarchy.

    Lines by Harold Edge

    And these are some promo pieces for a book called Totem.

    Lines (again) by Harold Edge

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