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Thread: Ross Hughes Colors Thread

  1. DavidPaul Guest


  2. RHughes Guest

    Ha! Harold and I got our wires crossed up on a couple of the characters. Too late for the pencils and inks, but it's never too late for the colors!!!! Oops!

  3. RHughes Guest

    Alright, last of the FJ promos before I dive into issue #6.

    Lines by Harold Edge

  4. RHughes Guest

    Took a little break from Fallen Justice to color this one up. Harold and I are really starting to find our strides together, I think.

    Lines by Harold Edge

  5. RHughes Guest

    This is the cover to issue #1 of The Wannabez from Brant Fowler and Scott Simmons. This promises to be a really fun read.

    Lines by Scott Simmons

  6. RHughes Guest

    I'm getting ramped up on issue #6 of Fallen Justice, so I thought I'd toss a page up to see what people think. I'll post some more as I get further into it.

    C&C's always appreciated.

    Lines by Harold Edge

  7. RHughes Guest

    Here is another page from the 6th issue. At this point the main character has totally lost it and is just taking guys out left and right.

    This page was both a lot of fun to do and a pain in the ass. =)

    Lines by Harold Edge

  8. LiamBradley Guest

    teach me!

    freakin amazin!

  9. MartinBrandt Guest

    Excellent work, I never graduated from Crayons.

  10. RHughes Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by scarletspeed View Post
    teach me!

    freakin amazin!
    Ha! What do you want to know?

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