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Thread: 4-page Preview of Aquaman #1

  1. trusty Guest

    4-page Preview of Aquaman #1

    Hot damn am I even more excited even though there was no way I was NOT going to get the title:

    Important to note--because as an Aquaman fan nothing is more annoying than people thinking that DC is constantly making changes to Aquaman to beef him up--Aquaman is NOT bulletproof. If you notice--and as has been the case before--bullets can penetrate his skin and make him bleed. From what we have seen in the past and present is that bullets never crack his bone. As far as his muscles? Not sure. His armor scaled shirt however, is shown to be bulletproof.
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  2. Slither Guest

    Further proof of Namor's superiority!

  3. trusty Guest

    Namor IS bulletproof, but his strength does not exceed Aquaman's by a HUGE amount like some uneducated people think. Plus Aquaman is way faster and has far superior telepathy. However this is not a discussion thread about Namor VS Aquaman in terms of fighting each other or attributes. Just making note.

  4. Slither Guest

    Yeah, I know.

    And I was just poking fun.

    I'll hold back further posts in this thread as I am far from an Aquaman fan and do not want to derail your thread.

  5. trusty Guest

    If you wanted to make a discussion thread about Namor and Aquaman have at it. But yea it's not the intent of this thread so I appreciate that. I've discussed that topic to death for years now so I don't want to make one myself here too lol.

  6. Jbreeny Guest

    Preview pages are looking good. Aquaman is looking like a real powerhouse which is great to see. Now I haven't been an Aquaman fan for a long time so I don't know exactly about his powers(such as being bulletproof) and how they should work. All I can say is that this is one of the new DC books I am really really looking forward to.

  7. JeffHaas Guest

    Not bad. I have been an Aquaman fan for a bit. That was until the last issues of Sword of Atlantis ruined it. I kind of felt that those four pages felt a little cheesy though. Johns is doing it, so I will keep the faith, but the first issue of the last Flash volume was really not too good either.

  8. TomLupo Guest

    do you want a glass of water?.....fuckin' funny!

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    Wow - that is looking good. It's great to see Aquaman getting to look more bad-ass. I also agree with Tom- that water thing was funny. I like little subtle pieces of humor in comics like that.... I hate things that are not so subtle.

    This is looking good.

  10. TomLupo Guest

    hell.....i may have to get this too...dc is draggin' me back in.

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