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Thread: 4-page Preview of Aquaman #1

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    he has been portrayed as a bad ass for some time now.....

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    Well only really as of recently... but theres taking a lot of characters back to their root with this reboot and that's where I worry.

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    the numbers are gonna drop after a few issues??
    they are gonna drop either way....i didn't put up stats for june...dc actually went up 6 % in sales in june....actually the overall numbers actually increased for the first time in a while.
    out of 52 new books maybe 10-12 will be good sellers...thats the norm for dc anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenJondrew View Post
    Well only really as of recently... but theres taking a lot of characters back to their root with this reboot and that's where I worry.
    It's not a recent thing. Aquaman has always had a good trend in DC Comics and the Bronze Age especially was when the character shined. The only times that Aquaman has been shown as not impressive is the Super Friends cartoon. His own cartoon did not hurt the character because that was aimed towards little children and you still had comicbook writers actually writing up those episodes. The creators and writers of the Super Friends cartoons were not comicbook writers however and they flat out admit that they simply did not know anything about many of the characters especially Aquaman so wrote as they felt like it.

    Old and recent comics have always shown Aquaman as being something impressive. He has had some bad storylines come his way but they did not make him himself look like he was a wimp. And people incorrectly analyze the 90s Aquaman because he did not suddenly become some angry dude over night. Ever since the death of his 5 year old son Aquaman's anger from writer to writer gradually escalated. So here you have almost 20 years of writers making it clear that "hey, this dude is pissed".

    His marriage has been falling apart, his friendship/mentorhood/'fatherhood' to Garth was destroyed when he was forced to try to kill him in order to save his son and so the two grow apart, he leaves his throne and tries to protect New Venice, then his half brother Ocean Master while on a power hungry hunt to obtain ancient Atlantean Crystals DECIMATES New Venice--the city he had sworn to defend recently--and other cities with his newfound power, at one point he and Mera split up, he goes through the stress of the JLDetroit days of trying to train a new group of heroes who do not listen to his advice and such and some of them end up dying because of it, and then Mera comes back to him, then at one point out later of grief Mera literally blames him for the death of their son still and attacks him before disappearing...his life has gone in a constant spiral since the death of his child. And like I said he gradually was getting angrier and angrier way before David touched his book/mythos.

    All Peter David did was make him go the logical route when he found out his entire past when he stumbled upon the Atlantis Chronicles and how fucked up it all is. That was the final straw for him so it made sense what David did with him with Aquaman #0 in the early 90s.

    Aquaman is your classic Greek tragic hero. His entire life with the Modern Day Origin is that of the Tragic Heroes of Ancient Greek tales. The new origin is mixing the Silver and Modern Day origins together in some ways similar to Flashpoint Aquamans origins as far as we know so far. Only I doubt that in this new origin Tom Curry would die when he is so young in the new origin too.
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    Yea it's nice that the recent Death of a Prince TPB actually included some of the Bronze Age stuff prior to it.

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    This title looks delicous. Never been that much of aquaman fan, but its looking kick ass

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