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Thread: SEB-standard: Week 12 - Inspiration

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    SEB-standard: Week 12 - Inspiration

    To paraphrase Culture Club, “I know you missed me, I know you missed me, I know you missed me blind!”

    Yeah, I know, I’ve missed two weeks. The first was New Year’s Day, and between it being a holiday AND my taking my daughter to the airport so she go back to her mom’s that day, I feel I was entitled to skip the column. Last week I was just sick. Very VERY sick. Still am, in fact, but the antibiotic seems to be helping, so here I am.

    Inspiration. Inspiration is a funny thing. It rarely comes WHEN you’re looking for it, and even when it comes, it is seldom what you expected. Take this column for example. I honestly had NO idea what I’d write about. I began to look around the room for inspiration. Then it hit me. Inspiration itself WAS my inspiration. I got the urge to write about what I get the urge to write about. And now I have the urge to move on to a new paragraph as this one is beginning to sound a Monty Python version of Bud & Lou’s “Who’s on first?”
    As I’ve said, inspiration rarely comes when you expect it to. As such, I’ve taken to carrying a small pad around with me to jot down those thoughts, and bottle that lightning when it hits. You never know when the next great idea is gonna hit. And some of those not-so-great ideas can become great ideas with a little nurturing, so I write ‘em all down.

    Sadly, I do my best thinking in the shower and while I’m driving. Pads don’t hold up very well in the shower, and I don’t recommend writing while you drive. I have been known to scribble ideas in steamy mirrors and, once and again, to pull over so I could write something quick. Hey, when the muse doth call….

    Songs. Yeah, songs inspire you to think and to feel. Well, good songs do. I can’t help if you’re listening to Beyonce describe life if she were a boy. I usually listen to a lot of heavy, angsty, angry rock music. That can inspire some great images, and, when left to its own device, my brains default imagery tends to include superheroes. What? So I like to day dream about flying in tights, so sue me! I also listen to some classical music sometimes, there’s this one station that plays some decent stuff. That can conjure great epics and boundless landscapes. Good inspirational fodder for a writer, that is.

    One of the best moments of inspiration I had came at work, last year. There was this single sheet of paper taped up on another teacher’s wall. I “float” you see, I’m a teacher without a classroom of my own, so I “float” into other rooms. Anyway, this one teacher had this article, to supplement some lesson or other, about this foreigner who played a big part in the American Revolution. I read the article and then wrote down some key facts. Later I would research the guy. Not only did this real life revolutionary inspire new ideas for my Revolutionary War Super-Hero comic, he also provided a very tangible link between one of my revolutionary war characters and a few of my WWII characters. Yeah, things fell in line that day.

    So, here I am, finishing a paper about inspiration that I was inpied to write about while looking for inspiration. Kismet? Serendipity? Epiphany? Or some other fancy word you pick up along the way.

    I dunno.

    So, my parting question: What kind of things inspire you guys? Be it to write, or draw, or do whatever it is that you do.

    And remember, the muse can strike anywhere and at any time. Carry a small pad in your pocket and a pen or pencil, whatever you like. Or if you
    re more comfy with technology than I am, I guess you can jot things down in your blackberry or Iphone or whate have you.
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    well i'm inspired by your writing seb.... but also my daughter and the way she smiles also if I see others artwork I always get juiced.

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