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Thread: Fanboy Buzz - Comic Book Podcast - Episode 64

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    Fanboy Buzz - Comic Book Podcast - Episode 64

    In this episode we discuss....

    • New Spiderman movie publicity shots
    • developments on the new Godzilla movie
    • Superman is going to wear jeans
    • Steve pays tribute to Borders (for your younger listeners we suggest you look up “Book Store” on wikipedia)
    • Ghost Rider #1
    • Stephen has yet another Sucky Comic
    • Jason and JS chat about more Hellblazer
    • Issue to Issue we talk about X-Men Schism #1, Red Wing #1 and Green Lantern #67
    • Jason will rapid fire some reviews at us
    • Special interview with Raphael Moran who is the creator of Dream Reavers an indie comic coming out through Ape Entertainment.
    • Finally we have a couple comments in our Fanboy Feedback section
    • As always please feel free to leave us a message at 239-244-2899!

      Remember to call us at 239-244-2899 and leave us some feedback.


    Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave us a message for our next episode.

  2. trusty Guest

    I understand that Jason Dyer is a big Green Lantern fan so he will be overly passionate at first about something small that he doesn't like but having read the last issue of the War of the Green Lanterns arc I do not see what the fuss is all about with how Hal defeats Krona. On the podcast he goes off how he "suddenly out of no where so easily" beats him with just a beam of green energy as though there was nothing to it. When the entire end of the issue is the Guardians being afraid and confused HOW Hal Jordan was able to do that.

    Which was kind of the point. He shouldn't have been able to do that period according to the Guardians yet somehow his will exceeded the limits of their restrictions on the rings.

    I just recall him flipping out about that and it just sounded like he read that page of Hal beating Krona and skipped the following pages. Even though obviously he read the rest of the issue.
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  3. trusty Guest

    Oh, also, on this site you guys heavily have the review section with comics not published by just the Big Two. While reading a review helps you get an idea of the comic, if you had a segment that talked about how you felt about those reviews I think it would help people take interest in those books that aren't made by the Big Two.


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