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Thread: cap numbers....

  1. TomLupo Guest

    cap numbers....

    i forgot to predict the weekend tally......i was going with 75 did 65 million...lower then i thought.
    the international sales wuz just under 3 million.....provin' that we are the most hated country in the world.

  2. Flyattractor Guest

    That or the movie is a piece of crap.

    Big signs a movie is gonna tank.

    It gets a late July/August release.

    When the Critic reviews are posted in the "ITS A GREAT MOVIE" are huge but the bit about who said it is printed like extra tiney they can't be read by the naked eye.

    It means your movie aint gonna do good.

  3. TomLupo Guest

    i am curious to see it. gotta wait till its on hbo in 2 yeqrs.

  4. Flyattractor Guest

    I could see it in theaters,but I can wait a week or two and stand a good chance of getting the whole theater to myself when I do go see it.


  5. Jamesdlogan Guest

    I will probably see it as soon as it gets to our little $3 second run theater....Just saw Thor there about a week is X-Men First class:-)

  6. TomLupo Guest

    which was a better movie JDL?

  7. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Going to see X-Men in the next couple of days (hopefully) can't compare yet...but I thought Thor was pretty good. I've never been a big Thor fan, so I can't really say how well it followed the comics, but what little I do know seemed to be there. They even use the Donald Blake name for him at one point....I thought it was a very well done movie, and the characterizations seemed really good. I am loving the Marvel produced movies so far....and very much looking forward to Cap and next years Avengers:-)

    When I finally see X-Men: First Class, I'll let you know what I think, and how it compares to Thor....

  8. TomLupo Guest


  9. Jbreeny Guest

    I plan on catching Captain America in the cinema sometime in the next few weeks. I am extremely interested to see how its international box office goes though.

    As for Thor and First Class. I saw both when they first came out and I really loved both. Judging which one was better is kind of hard because they are so different, yes they are both super hero films but Thor is so magical with its special effects and overal plot of Gods etc. Where as First Class is a story set in the 60's and is more of a spy thriller kind of a movie than anything. For me I suppose I would have to choose First Class since I prefer X-Men in general to Thor, but still they were both great movies.

  10. TomLupo Guest

    sounds like the marvel movies this year are all pretty good.

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