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Thread: FANBOY FEEDBACK - Favorite two dead/unused characters?

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    FANBOY FEEDBACK - Favorite two dead/unused characters?

    So thanks to Jason Dyer - he suggested this topic. Just wondering what are you two favorite dead/unused characters that you'd like to see back in action. Also - if it were up to you - how would you use them? It's completely up to you.


  2. Slither Guest

    Captain Mar-Vell - I do NOT want him brought back, but an "Untold tales of..." format might work.

    And I'd LOVE an all Native-American team with American Eagle, Puma, Talisman, and Red Wolf!

  3. trusty Guest

    Tempest/Garth - It was bad enough that when they had that Titans book start that Garth was not on the team. I'm not even a HUGE TT fan or a HUGE Garth fan myself but it is a matter of principle so it is annoying how he is always forgotten for being one of the original 4 titans. So when they had the Prelude to Blackest Night issue in Titans with Garth's return and taking up the throne of Poseidonis I was so happy. The direction made sense and I was hoping we would see something from it. Now he is dead since he died in Blackest Night. DC puts him on the throne for 1 issue only to kill him in Blackest Night. No. Freakin'. Sense. What I would do is have him alive again with the relaunch, and have him be the King of Atlantis with Aquaman renouncing the throne (as the solicits say), and most importantly play mentor to Aqualad II Jackson Hyde with the aid of Aquagirl II Lorena Marquez since she has SOME experience but is moreso understanding what Jackson could be going through since they are of similar age. I'd rather have Tempest mentor Aqualad II and have Aquaman and Mera be a duo in fighting crime.

    I gotta think about the second person for the purpose of this thread.

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    Good answers so far. Anyone have anything else to chime in?

  5. Jamesdlogan Guest, I thought I would look up dead characters since I had not read anything for the last 6 years....only to find out that a very large number of my favorite Marvel Characters have died since I stopped buying new comics!! Not sure I can pick only two now!!

    I guess my top two would have to be Banshee and Corsair. I would have Banshee back in his role as a leader/teacher to a group of younger mutants. They don't necessarily have to have their own book...maybe just have him running the school side of things while the other X-Men are doing the superhero thing. As for Corsair, I have always liked the whole Summers family. My favorite characters have been Cyclops and Cable (who I also just heard died...but is apparently coming back....) and Corsair and Havok. But Corsair and the Starjammers was always a fun subset of characters.

    I am very upset now....:-( Banshee, Corsair, Nightcrawler, Sabretooth, Black Bolt, Bucky (again), Cable, Caliban, Feral, Forge, G.W. Bridge, Lilandra, Mystique, Silver Samurai, and Unus the Untouchable!!?? Man, I knew Marvel was screwing things up....but I didn't realize they were screwing up THIS bad!

  6. TomLupo Guest

    I beilive that the x-man comics are way to out of line......kill them all except a few and cut it down to one comic.

    it don't matter who is dead...marvel will find a horrible waY TO BRING THEM BACK!!~

  7. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Well, I do know that at one point there were definitely too many X-characters....I was a bit upset with some of the choices of who lost powers just after the House of M thing...but that was about where I stopped reading.

    I almost think the only thing for Marvel at this point is to do what DC is doing...but they screwed up that type of thing when they started the Ultimate line....the whole Ultimate X-Men was all screwed up from my perspective. But, I'm not a writer or an I have to either live with the stupidity of Marvel, choose not to purchase their crap...or just bitch and whine to no avail since they don't seem to give a damn about their fans these days.............Time to go back and read my old Uncanny books again....

  8. trusty Guest

    Blackbolt is now back. FF #5 or #6 is his return and they shown how and what not. I haven't picked it up myself though when the trade comes out I might because I love me some Blackbolt action.

  9. Flyattractor Guest

    Death's Head (1) More Funny RoboBounty PeaceKeepingAgentery in SPACE stuff.

    Zarathos as the Ghost Rider. What has been going on with the last 2 Ghost Rider series have totally trashed the whole mythos.

  10. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Well, I am not a huge Inhuman's fan....but Blackbolt is one character I would expect NOT to get killed off. I don't always seems to me that many writers think killing characters off is a big dramatic storytelling device that improves sales and adds to the story, because then you don't know who may die from one issue to the next. But, often it is just a gimmick these days and doesn't really add to the drama or story much....especially since death is so easy to overcome in comics....

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