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Thread: Bane vs The KGBeast.

  1. Flyattractor Guest

    Bane vs The KGBeast.

    Bane with Venom/without


    The KGBeast.
    with both hands no gun arm/with one hand and gun arm.
    This is the KGB from the orginal "10 nights of"
    The ones whose intellect/strenght/skill made him a virtual equal to The Batman.
    None of that talkng like an idiot russian and being demoted to a robin villian.

    How would it go?

  2. arishem Guest


  3. Flyattractor Guest

    and why???

  4. Slither Guest

    I'm going KGBeast.

  5. JeffHaas Guest

    Well ...Bane broke Batman. Venomed up...its not even close.

  6. Flyattractor Guest

    Not really. Bane's first fight with Batman was far from being an "even" match up. Bats was physically and mentally exhausted. Bane really didn't have to do that much to "break Batman". Hell Alfred put up a better fight then Bruce did.
    With the Beast. In their final fight. It was pretty much coming down that if Bats hadn't pulled the fast one,one of them would have killed the other.


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