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Thread: Alpha's on Syfy

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    Alpha's on Syfy

    Has anyone else been watching Alpha's? So far it seem's pretty good...maybe a bit more along the lines of a normal police procedural than a superhero show....but my wife and I are both enjoying it. Some of the character interactions are funny and interesting (we both love It seems that so far, they are taking a rather toned down approach to the 'Alpha's' in the story. After the series "Heroes" that had people with extremely extraordinary powers (flying, teleportation/time manipulation, stealing others powers....), Alpha's seems to be going more for somewhat 'believable' powers...a lot based on extreme senses, telepathy, telekinisis, far they don't seem to be stretching the abilities too far...

    Anyway, I would love to know what anyone else who is watching it thinks:-)

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    I don't know if I get that in Canada - I haven't actually heard of it - so I'm not help here


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