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Thread: fantasy comics

  1. Jehoe Guest

    fantasy comics

    Does anyone know any good fantasy comics to get into? Want to try a new sub genre. I know about conan, but not a fan of the recent artwork. Any help would be great.

  2. Jamesdlogan Guest

    I don't know what is currently out there...but I have always absolutely loved the Warlord. However, it is somewhat Conan like...Last I heard, Marvel had brought back the comics from Crossgen...most of those were pretty good fantasy stuff when it originally came out.

  3. Jehoe Guest

    thanks i'll have a look into it.

  4. TomLupo Guest

    warlord was very good...and you can find the issues cheap...

  5. Jehoe Guest

    cool anyone got anymore?

  6. trusty Guest

    I just recently bought the first trade of the World of Warcraft Comic Series--don't know if it is still ongoing--and I enjoyed it. It helps that I love the art style and I'm just a fan of the Warcraft Lore but if you want to flip through a few pages and see if it appeals to you I'd say that's an option. The story so far focuses around 3 main characters: a Human Warrior type of dude, a Nightelf Druid dude, and a Bloodelf Rogue-like chick.

  7. Jehoe Guest

    thanks for the tip, ill look into, never had the chance to get into warcraft, but a bit of lore from comics might help

  8. trusty Guest

    I've only played little of World of Warcraft but I was in love with Warcraft II, Warcraft III and its expansion. As far as references from the games mainly it is like locations and of course some of the main characters may be an NPC in the World of Warcraft game making cameos but you could pick up those TPBs and read them and not be confused who you are reading. The comic pretty much takes place prior to their presence of World of Warcraft so you learn who they are as the story is told. Easy to pick up if you like fantasy and enjoy the Warcraft type of world.

  9. Jehoe Guest

    ive read it now, it was preety intersting thanks. Might even play the game.


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