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Thread: Punisher Issue 1

  1. Jehoe Guest

    Punisher Issue 1

    Hey guys so i picked up the punisher issue 1 today, done by rucka, hollingsworth, checchetto etc.

    I thought it was awesome but got me thinking, is Marvel trying to out do DC's new 52? Im all up for new comics, but i dont want the big two just copying each other, as this could lead to ripping stories off each other, disputes, etc. What are your views guys and gals?

  2. TomLupo Guest

    marvel has been rebooting comics for my calculations this is the 12th #1 issue of a punisher comic.

  3. Jehoe Guest

    Yeah but with DC doing a complete reboot of 52 titles is marvel likely to dumb down and be less creative and rip, or will there be a more creative aspect
    to marvel?

  4. TomLupo Guest

    marvel comics suck now....its been sucking for 4 years...i used to buy 40 marvel comics a month....for years i did this....then the quality dropped...and i have no desire to buy a new marvel comic.
    read some marvel comics from the 60's-90's....see if you want to buy new marvel comics after that!

  5. Jehoe Guest

    well i myself arent that into marvel. Love the punisher though. I prefer small time publishers or indie publishers. What do you read?

  6. TomLupo Guest

    all my old comics from the 60's-about 4 years ago. i have a room full of older comics and they are paid for, so i read them. the only new comic read is "the standard" it's written by one of our members here-john lee-and i have enjoyed the first 2 issues.

    i also have a lot of tpb's and the b/w showcases and essentials.

  7. Jehoe Guest

    so a real golden oldie lover, awesome to hear. my dad use to read them as a kid, loved them and still does. Never heard of it will have to look into it. I hope image's golden age will be exactly that.

  8. Jamesdlogan Guest

    I used to love the Punisher back in the 90's...but I haven't read any of his books since the god-awful Marvel Knights mini-series where he was brought back to life with some kind of supernatural twist to it. I am assuming that Marvel is (hopefully for once) ignoring that particular section of Punisher history?

  9. TomLupo Guest


  10. Jehoe Guest

    Garth Ennis is a legendary writer. Im amazed by his work. I might have to get my hands on a few of his punisher issues.

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