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Thread: Punisher Issue 1

  1. Jehoe Guest

    Shall do, thats the garth ennis one?

  2. Jamesdlogan Guest

    I enjoyed the Punisher War Journal from about issue 22-27...and the Punisher War Zone first few issues as well.

  3. Slither Guest

    Was Ennis the one who took Punisher from being a twisted take on Batman to just being some psycho who NEEDS to kill?

    Yeah..... not liking that.

  4. Jbreeny Guest

    Overall I enjoyed this issue. I thought the art was pretty good. I liked the way the story was presented, it set-up the supporting players pretty well and really made Frank seem like a boggeyman. However I do hope that this isn't the style Rucka is going to use for his whole run, as much as I enjoyed it I read The Punisher to see Frank and would really like him front and center for his own book. So this type of presentation is ok for the odd book here and there but for the majority I want to have Frank featured heavily.

  5. Jehoe Guest

    I think it was rucca's way of showing the legend that is the punisher. I though it was really good, but likewise i do hope that the comic will be frank centred.

  6. fenix1977 Guest

    Marvel took a little bit of a break from the Punisher after that whole Frankencastle deal. It was kind of nice and it seems they are going to have a good series on their hands. I have not had a chance to check out the Punisher Max series but as I have not heard a lot of chatter about it I guess I am not missing much.

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    Although I've never been a huge Punisher fan (I think the character is kind of a one-trick pony) - I'd say PunisherMax tends to be the best. That being said, that's only if you're a punisher fan. I just think Punisher is one of the most predictible characters around to be honest.

  8. trusty Guest

    Since Rucka is writing this, I think the series will go well. I heard podcast reviews on other sites of Punisher #1 that I think will make listeners intrigued. And again it is Rucka...he is the type of writer that people flock to a book because he is writing it. I'm just not a Marvel reader personally is all which is why I won't pick it up.

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