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Thread: PTF Previews...wait, Summerslam's this weekend?

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    PTF Previews...wait, Summerslam's this weekend?

    Hey, in my defense, they only announced maybe four matches. Oh, and am I the only one who can't get the Cult of Personality out of his head?

    Sheamus vs. Mark Henry. Mark Henry, after being stretchered by a POed Big Show, has been on a leg breaking tear. Sheamus doesn't like Mark Henry crippling people he might want to beat up later. Well, I will say Mark Henry's rejuvinated...but do I ever want to watch a Mark Henry match after over a decade of failure. But this should be better than it is on paper. Sheamus should win. That or Big Show and Kane will come out and get revenge on Henry.

    Sigh, how sad is it when I'm glad Kane's not on the card so at least he can't be jobbed or humbled anymore?

    Beth Phoenix vs Kelly for the Diva title. Beth is tired of the stinkfacing, booty popping, bleach blonde divas. I can't say I totally disagree because I am in favor of Eve's booty popping. Basically the Kharma angle only with Beth and Natayla as allies. It would make sense for Beth to win...but I believe that there is always one match where logic does not apply. I think it'll be this one. Winner Kelly. Oh, and the match will suck.

    Christian vs Randy Orton: No Holds Barred. A friend pointed out how it sucks to deal with Orton if you're the WWE. He says stupid things when left unleashed, he gets massive pops...but his matches are normally quite. Can't agree with the later lately because of quality wrestlers carrying him. Not getting the Orton DVD set. Anyway...okay, I'm getting sick of this feud. Christian seems to have something up his sleeve. This should be match of the night. Christian wins.

    CM Punk vs John Cena for the true championship with Triple H as ref. I don't think this will be as good because you don't have the Chicago crowd and their love of CM Punk and equal disgust in John Cena. It'll be a good match, but I just worry about the finish. I mean, Del Rio will probably come out as champion thanks to BS (which doesn't make him look strong after him being made a chump time and again) When in doubt....Super Cena followed by Del Rio cashing in.


    Um, that's all, I guess.

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    So GLAD I don't watch glad

  3. Capta Guest

    The Orton/Christian Match was brilliant! They went at each other and it was awesome to watch. Cena and Punk was okay....I knew also that DelRio would cash in...but wtf? Kevin Nash!? Wow...


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