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Thread: New Marvel God of Thunder to replace Thor ? ???

  1. RedCelestial Guest

    New Marvel God of Thunder to replace Thor ? ???

  2. Slither Guest

    What kinda name is TornAnus?

  3. TomLupo Guest

    its the name of marvel fucking all its fans in the ass!

  4. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Well, it's not the first time they have replaced Thor in the comics...Beta Ray Bill....What's his name who became Thunderstrike...and didn't Hercules even take over a time or two as the God of Thunder?

  5. TomLupo Guest

    beta ray was a great story....he didn't replace thor....he beat thor and got his own hammer....
    whats his name who became thunderstrike?? you just admitted it was so horrible you can't remember his name.
    hercules is a joke,..........this stinks of marvel trying to get their numbers up.

  6. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Was it Eric Masterson?? I actually enjoyed some of the Avengers stories with him pretending to be Thor.....

  7. TomLupo Guest

    thats his name......and then there was the paramedic also.

  8. Slither Guest

    While I can sorta see why they felt the need to latch a God into a human host so as to add a human aspect readers could relate to, I've never liked that aspect of most of Thor's career in comics.

    Thor, to me, is an f'n GOD OF THUNDER. He should always be above humans. and, as a reader of comics, I've usually wanted to read about beings who are above humans. I don't need to read Thor to see if he can beat Loki and still make his date with Jane Foster. Or can Thor stop a tsunami and still be a good dad. If I want that tripe, I'll read a Spidey book or something.

    Thor should be about gradniose and cosmic/galactic/otherworldy/supernatural stories. Leave the "human" stories for Earth-bound heroes.

  9. Jehoe Guest

    this is marvel wanting cash, plain and simple. There is only one god of thunder and thats Thor. Stan Lee must of being having a senior moment when they ran that by him.

  10. fenix1977 Guest

    Eric Masterson was Thunderstrike and now his son has taken up the roll. I can't see Marvel keeping Thor on the benches for to long. It makes no sense.

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