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Thread: Week 26- Networking

  1. Sliverbane Guest

    I agree with what Seb said. When I read your articles I feel like I'm having a conversation with you.

  2. StevenForbes Guest


    I asked my wife a bunch of questions yesterday about the feel of the column. She said that she doesn't feel like it's stuffy and full of itself. I'm pretty happy about that.

    I don't want this column to be about me. Not really. I write it for your benefit. It's not about what I've done or how to turn you into me. It's about helping you become better creators. So, I'm happy I'm not stuffy. To my mind, I have little to be stuffy about.

    So, if you continue to read, I'll try to be enjoyable. I think that's a decent deal.

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    Great column, Forby. While I'm not a writer, the column did actually inspire me to go get business cards printed up.

  4. rhannah Guest

    Superb column as usual, Steve. I've been working my way through them one article at a time. I have, however, a problem...


    Recently, I found out about a feud / extremely bad blood between two people in my network of comic industry friends. There appears to be ZERO chance of reconciliation. Let’s call them Contact #1, and #2. Keep in mind I know Contact #2 best.

    Contact #1 is the one with the most direct influence in the industry and has not been behaving very professionally. Although he is held in high esteem, he is possibly starting to damage his own esteemed reputation. However, he remains a key contact for me with a large network.

    Contact #2 has been playing by the rules, but is getting his name tarnished by #1 who is out to get him. This could damage his career, but on the other hand, people have encouraged him to steer clear of Contact #1 as a relationship with him is seen as potentially poisonous. Contact #2 has a network gained through hard work and being professional. However his network is smaller and he’s getting smeered at the moment.

    Now it appears even hanging out with one or the other at a con could damage my relationship with the other.

    As someone who has access to both contacts, with Contact #1 being the more influential, I’m wondering what to do. What would you guys suggest? This is a world where the good guy doesn’t always win, and bullying happens in all aspects of life. As you know, comics is a small industry so I don’t want to lose either contact if I can help it.

    So what advice do you guys have on a situation where key people in your network have become enemies? What is your take on it?
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  5. rhannah Guest

    No thoughts, huh?

  6. tiggerpete Guest

    well, I am sort of altruistic, so I would go with the white hats on this one, but your best bet is to only "bump into" either one "on accident" and try to play both sides without getting entrenched and allienating either one. or you could avoid the situation entirely

  7. StevenForbes Guest

    Hey, Rod.

    Just saw this. Sorry. Things have been a little hectic lately.

    My thoughts are just my thoughts. Your scenario is unique to you, but not really unique in the grand scheme of things. I can only give the most general pieces of advice because I’m not that intimate with the situation.

    What I would say is to be on the side of “right.” Would it make your job harder in getting ahead? Quite possibly, but that shouldn’t really matter. Here’s what matters: your reputation.

    Your reputation, your NAME, is the ONLY thing you have that’s truly yours. It takes a lifetime to build it, and it only takes a SINGLE, MOMENTARY LAPSE to tarnish it forever. Even if you somehow manage to build it back up again, you will still always be remembered for that lapse.

    I’d go with Contact 2 for a few reasons:

    First, there’s the fact that I know Contact 2 better than Contact 1. Always go with whom you know, unless you know that the person you’re with is wrong.

    Second, from what you’re saying, Contact 1 seems to be in the wrong, and it also seems to be catching up to them.

    Third, you’ll be getting more out of it in the long run, because you’ll be doing it the hard way. You’ll know that YOU made the contacts, and didn’t ride in on someone else’s coattails—coattails that seem to be getting tattered and frayed.

    Finally, but by no means the least of these, you’ll be seen as being loyal to your friend. That’s something you can’t buy. That comes from inside, and others will recognize it. This will make you seem trustworthy, as someone who’s not a fair-weather friend. This is huge.

    There will come a time when both sides will be able to tell their stories to those in the know. [No, I’m not one of those privileged few.] Then, those who know them both will be able to make up their own minds about what went down, and things will move forward from there.

    Do what is best for you in the long term. That’s my advice. Stay loyal to your friends if they’re in the right, and tell them they’re in the wrong if you need to.

    Hope that helps.

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