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Thread: Introducing Geniusvulcan

  1. geniusvulcan Guest

    Introducing Geniusvulcan

    Hey there - I'm new to the site & thought I would introduce myself. I tried to find a thread for it but couldn't so I started my own. I've been a comic book fan for a long time and a proud owner of several rarities from the 70's. I built up my colection through the 80's & 90's and now after a long break due to lack of money I'm getting back into the scene. If anyone has any reccomendations I'd love to hear them

  2. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Welcome to the forum:-) I can't currently recommend much, as I only read the few review items I do from time to time. I have been out of the game for awhile due to lack of money since returning to college....but i may start back with the new DCU...even though I am a Marvel Zombie at heart....

  3. Jehoe Guest

    hey there, what type of comics are you into? horror, superhero, sci fi etc I recommend fly by zenescope. Its a story that focuses on addiction, and lady mechanika which is a very good steampunk comic. let me know what your into, and i ll recommend something to your liking.

  4. geniusvulcan Guest

    Hey guys, thanks for the welcome.

    My collection is predominantly Marvel Comics, and a good chunk of that is Uncanny X Men and related titles, but I'm hesitant to start collecting those again as I've missed a hell of a lot of story. Not to mention that there are so many X Books out there nowadays it's impossible to know where to start.

    I tried out a few TPBs a while back and love Frank Miller's Sin City books. As a kid I collected 2000AD and Judge Dredd. My tastes are pretty varied I guess - but anything superhero/sci-fi usually hits the spot.

  5. Jamesdlogan Guest

    I also have always been primarily an X-Men fan, collecting anything that was even slightly X-men related. In the 7 years since I stopped collecting there have been a lot of changes to the X-men, and as much as I would like to start collecting them again, I feel I would be so lost, and a bit unhappy with some of the changes made over the years, that I am staying away from them as I get ready to start collecting again. in the early 2000's I finally started enjoying some DC stuff, and with the big company wide reboot coming the end of this month, I'm thinking this is a good point to jump back into comics, and there are a few titles in the reboot that I am very interested in.

    Personally, from what I have read for reviews, and seen others discuss, I think Top Cow has some pretty good stuff out these days...and while they tend to be a bit on the supernatural side, they have some pretty good stuff. Check out the reviews section here as well, and see if there is anything there that interests you:-)

  6. TomLupo Guest

    read preacher....welcome!

  7. geniusvulcan Guest

    Preacher eh? I've heard of it though I've never read it, but I remember Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon from 2000AD, and I really liked Dillon's work. Maybe I'll give it a go.

    James - you're dead right about the X Men. I've picked up the odd issue now and again over the last few years and was completely lost - as well as horrified at some of what I read (Cyclops is doing the White Queen?! WTF is THAT about?). In it's day X Men was without a doubt the best comic book on the stands, with engrossing stories, brilliant characterisation and the ability to deliver the unexpected (Storm losing her powers, Prof X walking, Magneto as headmaster of the school etc) but Marvel milked the thing dry and drowned the fans under a mountain of mediocre crossover stories, relying on shock tactics and the wholesale slaughter of several long standing characters. It was then that I decided to save my money for something that didn't make me so angry every month.

    I still have a soft spot for the X gang though so if there are any X Books out there that still fly the flag (and don't require reading a dozen titles a month just to know what the hell is going on) I'd be interested to give them a go.

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    Hey there! Welcome to the site. Looks like you've got some great history in comics and I like a lot of your tastes!

    Can I ask what brought you our way? As an admin we're always curious what brings people here. We aim to create a fun place to chat comics and the more people the better.

  9. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Yeah, don't even get me started on the whole Cyclops and the White Queen wasn't long after that when I stopped buying comics. I am a huge Cyclops fan, and when Jean died in one issue, and by the next issue Scott was shacking up with Emma, I was furious. For me, that was one of the low points of the series...and totally out of character for Scott.

    There are a few books I hear good things about....I haven't read it, but the new X-Factor has some good word of mouth....and I believe Peter David is writing it again...

  10. geniusvulcan Guest

    Thanks Stephen! I found you the old fashioned way – using Google. I searched on “comic book forums” and of the ones that were suggested your site stood out. It looks good, has a lot of great content and the discussion threads that I peeked at were interesting and current. So I thought I'd say hello!

    James – if Peter David's back at the helm of X Factor I will definitely check that out. I really enjoyed his work on the book the last time around, as well as his brilliant run on the Incredible (gray) Hulk. I'm sure it's not the same X Factor that I remember though. Who's in it? Does it have a unique premise or is it an extension of the main X book? Come to think of it - what IS the main X book these days?!

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